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The academy of Development of Patrimonial Estates together with the Moscow Academy state and municipal managements (MAGMA) runs courses of additional education.

The nearest occupations are planned for October, 25 - on November, 5 for Germans group (with the translator). You can join. Cost of employment occupations 590 E (group 18 persons), 650 E (group 12 persons), 1160 E (3 persons), 3030 E (1 person) without the price of air flight.

Upon termination of rates the certificate of the state sample on specialization is given out to students: wildlife management; ecology; creation and development of patrimonial estates. The following themes of occupations are included in the program of a rate: Philosophy of new time: economy of a new civilization, a way of improvement of patrimonial genetics; Prospects of development of a civilization; the Organization and development of Patrimonial Estates; Application of the newest technologies in development РП; the Ground right; Gold harmony at formation of fertility Ground; Harmonization spiritual and physical began the person; System complete
Wave movement; the Science of figurativeness; Experience of construction saman at home (trip in ecovillage "Native"); Ecology of the person and spiritual obstetrics; the Newest techniques of education and education of children; ours the daddy - obstetrics (conduct ecovilageman from "Ark"); Use of a principle of gold section in construction and landscape planning; creates agriculture; Natural land tenure; Alternative power (we look in ecovillage"Light"); Water - alive, reasonable essence; National and vedism culture; National creativity and crafts in РП; Culture of a new civilization; Vedism study of local lore; the Biolocation and others. Lectures and practical occupations carry out the professor MAGMA, the Russian Academy of public service at the President of the Russian Federation, the Moscow State University, M.V.Lomonosova, employees of working scientific research institutes, the landowners living in the patrimonial estates. Write:

For those who wants to finish an initial rate of academy, at the same time to pass magnificent improving procedures in sanatorium in territory of Moscow (the sanatorium has two chinks taking water from underground lakes of Moscow - one salty, like the Dead sea, the second - curative stale), and practical occupations - in ecovillages Moscow suburbs - for you round " Academy of development of patrimonial estates in Moscow ".

1 day - arrival and moving. The advance payment for reserve - the price of 1 day - to pay it is necessary not later than 1 week prior to arrival.
2 day - 8-9 mornings - the breakfast, then excursion to the Kremlin (a separate payment), with wishing can remain on improving procedures in sanatorium (too at additional expense), details on a site; 13.00 days - a dinner from 14.00 - occupations.
3 day - morning - museum of Vasiliev - after a dinner of occupation.
4 day - trip to settlement Native and city Vladimir (practical occupations).
5 day - trip to settlement Light, to Sergiev Posad and on source Sergie Radonegskiy. In both to settlements we visit the cedars, planted by two international groups of Europe.
6 day - morning - VDNH - excursion, after a dinner of occupation.
7 day - morning - excursion on the underground, after a dinner of occupation.
8 day - morning - Arbat, after a dinner of occupation.
9 day - morning - the Red Area and Vasily Blazhennogo's temple, after a dinner of occupation.
10 day - morning - a free time, after a dinner of occupation.

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