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The Site contains 10 sections: 1. on main; 2. map; 3. ecotourism; 4. ecology of the person; 5. ecohelth; 6. ecoland; 7. ecodesign; 8. national creativity; 9. entertainments; 10. ecoprotection On each main to page of the section you find list of the pages of the section and their short announcements. The Pages of the sections too can contain the additional pages - pay attention to all word chosen by underlining. These references allow easy to find necessary information. Do Not are lazy to study the map. On all page of the site you find references: on main; map;, that allows with any pages to return or on main, or here and with any pages to send the letter. I ask to excuse me for bad translation on english. The Translation was made by means of automatic translator.

The Map of the site.

on main - the page contains the short announcements of the actual pages of the site, advertisment and news of the site "EKORUS".

map - the page contains the full list of the pages of the site with commentary.

ecotourism - contains 15 sections: 1. ecological journeys; 2. dolimens - contains sections: dolimens1; 3. Volga - contains 3 sections: Volga1 Volga2 Volga3; 4. Bronnikov's school; 5. Scientifically-ecological expeditions; 6. Shepsi; 7. Moscow; 8. news; 9. Ecovillage near Moscow; 10. Ecovillage of Russia - contains 5 sections: Grishino, Neva-Ekovil, Kitezh, Big Stone, Ecovillage of Russia1; 11. Ecovillage of SNG; 12. foreign ecovillage; 13. ezotourism; 14. exotourism; 15. blue stone

ecology of the person - is dedicated to different practical person, method and technician, who can help the modern person to become lucky in changed world, create its "paradise" on the land. Contains 3 sections: 1. subsection method Bronnikova - here you will find information on unique method гармонизации function of the organism of the academician V.M. Bronnikova: V.M.Bronnikov's method; The program of a method; Diagnostics and treatment; " V.M.Bronnikov's effect "; Responses of experts; The program " the world without blindness "; Technology of business success; The international project " information social ecology of XXI century "; 2. subsection: elixir to youth If change principle of existence of the person in flow of time of the planet and cosmos, that aging will disappear naturally, but this new структуризация, deal future...; 3. Academy scientific art

ecohelth - contains 2 sections: 1. sagan-daylya; 2. powder of Avicena

ecoland - contains 5 sections: 1. News; 2. Plants - contains 3 sections: "Good stuff for a fence - a larch" "Herbs"; "The Hymn to a raspberry"; "Column-apple-tree"; 3. Animals; 4. Winter garden 5. Ecoland in Russia


national creativity - contains 12 sections: Hlebosol; Kozyli; Ecoman; Tree; Birch bark; Dolls - contains 2 sections: traditional doll; towels; subsections: Leather; Beads; Painting; Clothes - contains 2 sections: soulwarm; russian suit; subsections: Ceramics; Children's - contains 3 sections: Hlebosol; Beads; Dolls; Kozyli; The Tree

entertainments - contains sections: vasiliev

ecoprotection - contains 3 sections: 1. russian aviasalons; 2. mini-factory; 3. bath


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