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The international project "Information social ecology of XXI century"

The program

The information which is offered to you, was the closed subject earlier and till now had the limited distribution.
Offered knowledge and technologies rate at not on all interested persons but only on those who is interested in all new and advanced, has need to be the leader to own new technologies in analytical work for designing and management of a situation.
In a basis of the given development the knowledge of ancient technologies investigated and added with modern knowledge lay.
The new prospect in understanding of the person, the organism, as uniform system opens: dense, thin and median ph. Development of a wide range of usual and phantom feelings. Possession of the organism, as management лептоным the generator.
To be protected, to be able to restore the vital forces and to solve problems of the health.
On training experts of various directions after interview with the organizer of the program are accepted.
" That the person in ocean of life may - only to sink, but if he to turn to a droplet of ocean will merge in immortality of life " - ancient wisdom.
Reception of base knowledge at energoinformation processes, analytical and operative work on use of technology of psychological arms of businessmen.
1. Expansion of a level of comprehension of occurbing events on the basis of psychology of unconscious processes. An initial rate of technology of decoding of the information.
2. Bases of designing of situations. Meditation, the safety precautions at visualization of figurative thinking on the basis of visual psychology.
3. System-complete psychology of development of holographic vision and comprehension of situations. Mastering by base knowledge of technology of Sense.
THE RATE OF LECTURES will give you base knowledge of technology of Sense, system-complete psychology, psychology unconscious, virtual psychology and others.
You can read and understand situations on the basis of technology of decoding of the information see the world in a new fashion: " Is wider to look and realize ".
PSYCHOTRAINING will learn you to react, perceive or influence situations correctly.
Learn a basis of technology of safety at psychological, parapsychological and psychotronic influence. Learn to be protected, increasing quality of the person.
Our brain has the basic properties of search, game and construction of systems. Neurons a brain also share on three kinds: responsible sensitivity, memory and spatial orientation. All six characteristics form the form of the hologram in a brain of the person, due to them we see, we realize, we form needs and the attitude.Simultaneously a brain as the computer works depending on programs of a brain.On our employment you learn as to create programs for a brain and them to use.Thus the person becomes powerful лептоным the generator, as defines qualities of the leader. Such person gets property to operate environment.
" Stars operate fools, and clever influence stars " - ancient wisdom.
Practical employment on mastering by new abilities.
The safety precautions and development of protective properties of an organism of the person to energoinformation to processes of means, influences of an environment and the person. Technology of self-programming and reprogramming under necessary problems for reception of leading qualities of the person. Mastering by initial skills of telepathic search of the necessary information of diagnostics of situations. Technology psychoenergy influences and suppression of the opponent. Technology of creation and management of situations.
Development of new abilities
Now is the necessary factor for a survival and skill to be entered in quickly varying social and scientific and technical progress. On our rates which are constructed by a principle a step of the theory and a step of practice, you will get the additional unique abilities, allowing to be environmentproofed to learn, to influence on environmental.
Your destiny and we shall help with your hands to you to learn to use new abilities superconscious function of an organism of the person.
To influence people is badly or well depends on your purpose.
Your internal organization of the person, formation of needs and attitudes depends on ability of influence. On you depends, problems will press you or you can overcome them and as a small stalk to press through asphalt. The technologies offered by us, allow you to learn to influence environmental events, that it is extremely necessary for the leader. Receiving you are capable to transfer an opportunity of our technology of development of the person this wave of opportunities and another, thus increasing the name.
Your board and sword
" ...if you will tell: I the Christian all to shudder "-
Apocryphal stories of ancient christians.
Archangel Michael has a board and a sword, the main soldier of the God and as business with the person is. Inside our organism there is "board" and "sword", in us huge opportunities and abilities but as them to claim, take on arms are given on our rates. The way to the True Person is a way to the Soldier of the God, in struggle for love, harmony, happiness and success.


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