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V.M.Bronnikov's method.

In apocryphal stories of ancient christians it is told: " The one who познаетсебя - learns all world. The one who will find itself, the world is unworthy him"

Bronnikov's school

The Marks on floor: Bad that pupil, who does not try to exceed the teacher.

Who is not enough now understands, that all of us appeared in completely new conditions of existence. In evolution of mankind never before there was no such immense volume of the information. We shall tell, when fish floats at ocean, she you see does not know, what she floats at ocean? And the majority of people does not understand, that has got in original information ocean. New information conditions derivate also new technologies. V.M.Bronnikov's method is based on development and use of the internal latent opportunities of the person. Essence of a method - development of the certain complex of sensations in the organism and skill to operate him. The similar phenomena are well-known enough in many systems: Цигун, Ушу, Yoga etc. But isolated exercises do not give such results, as complete system. In near будующем performance of these exercises in the mornings will be the same traditional procedure as gymnastics and cleaning of a teeth. It is important to know laws and principles which in this case carry out a role of "safety precautions". The matter is that in a brain of the person it is incorporated 2,5 million neuron's computers. Imagine, if the person in an arsenal the has involved only 3-5 % from opportunities of development of a brain and thus has created cybernetics, astronautics, the industry that he can if will involve 50 %? What he may create, how you think?.. He can " take in a suitcase " all solar system and go on foot to live in space of life. Completely new global judgement of spirituality comes. Now one of the greatest problems it - absence of masters and elders, that were earlier, in an antiquity. We are engaged in generation such "elders". The earlier we shall help our children to seize a certain internal position (and it besides new sistemintegrity psychology), the earlier they will begin to influence harmony of chaos. Children trained by our technique work with power, work with the biocomputer, even clouds disperse. Such opportunities open, that it is difficult to present and it at completely normal status. For example, you are capable to remember at once 10 figures? And if children remember the table 10х10 cells(cages) with five-place? How many it is figures? And it only began...

While you can order Bronnikov's lectures on videocassettes or CD (only 11 lectures in Russian) - Write:


1 lecture. What is the information? Kinds of information processes.
Information influence on ability to live of the person.

2 lecture. Bases of psychology of business: from the Person Reasonable, living empirically, to the Person Conscious, building the life on knowledge of results of the future events.

3 lecture. The person and his space applicability. Interaction of Fate and Destiny in formation Кармы of the person.

4 lecture. Unconscious mental processes: subconsciousness and superconsciousness. About secrets of superconsciousness. The safety precautions at work with тонкоматериальными the phenomena.

5 lecture. The basic congenital inclinations influencing development of three lines of human life. Formation of age qualities of the person.

6 lecture. Usual, phantom and basic feelings of the person in display of bioenergy, mental energy and mental plasma, as the tool of phenomenal abilities of the person.

7 lecture. Kinds of influence on the person: suggestion, autohyonosis, hypnosis, zombing, coding, vampirism, damage. Understanding of mechanisms and ways of protection.

8 lecture. Ways of vision of the person: sight, a dream, meditation, 3-rd eye, direct vision and alternative (biocomputer) vision. Understanding and need(requirement) of their development.

9 lecture. Bases and algorithms I, II, III, IV steps of training to a method.

10 lecture. The biocomputer - the tool of the person of " the Sixth race ": new opportunities in education, medicine, a science, culture and sports.

11 lecture. Sex. Love. Tantr. Problems and prospects of construction of family. The program " the Minus one year ".


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