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at employment on V.M.Bronnikov's method

Now the newest equipment is developed, new medicines are patented, magnificent doctors work. But what we see in result? The interest of chronic diseases grows, any system which would help the person, suffering by chronic disease yet is not created to recover. The medicine on the today's moment is means of the fast, emergency help, but at all the help at chronic diseases. In very heavy status there are children - invalids - blind and visually impaired, ill children's cerebral paralysis, инсулинозависимые at a diabetes. At inspection of children acting in school, it was revealed, that among them there is no healthy child, they psychologically were not ready to receipt in the first class.
Technique V.M.Bronnikov's method constructed on knowledge
The basic laws of development of the person, his design, never allows the child to be sick, superb to develop, have fine memory.
Children of school age may reach such abilities for the short period: only three - six months of training - and the child become healthy, can help itself, the relatives. In training of children to skills of natural improvement the medical branch also is engaged.
Basis of an organism of the person is him energoinformation the structure. The mutual relation energoinformation structures of people, and also the person and environment is determining in a state of health of the person.
We spend highly effective diagnostics of these structures, allowing to reveal the reasons of disease, an opportunity of occurrence in the future of any pathology to lead(carry out) correction and at once to receive result. Our guys have huge volume of knowledge: for example, on anatomy and physiology - as at the student - physician 4-5 rates. And by way of knowledge thinmaterial structures of the person, certainly, they much more outstrip modern doctors.
Slightly it is enough to our organism to help, prompt, correct, restore internal energoinformation structure to deduce her in a normal status.
Our diagnostics happens not only single. There is a program on support and preservation of health of the person, both ill, and healthy.
Same diagnostics with correction is necessary for people which are in a mode of hyperactivity. You know, as far as businessmen, directors of the large enterprises, manufactures are loaded. These people like are healthy, but actually they live on the verge of reserve opportunities of an organism.
One diagnostics within two weeks and regular jobs
On the first step help to restore health, to removea pressure.

FOR CHILDREN WITH PATHOLOGIES at us precise technologies on rehabilitation and their social adaptation in a society are developed.
What it is necessary for the blind child to become same, how all of us? He needs to learn to see, be guided in environmental space.
Our technology literally allows to enable for three months to the blind child to see the same as we see with you. Besides during training he receives an opportunity to carry out diagnostics, develops phenomenal abilities.

Due to that there is such opportunity of vision? Where in a brain mechanisms which allow the blind child to learn from birth to see, create visions are located?
Due to expansion of a range tactile, olfactory, tactile, we may learn acoustical sensitivity (at the blind child she is much more more advanced) the child with the help of the screen of internal vision to transfer these sensations in a vision when all other sense organs work on his construction.
And visions all over again are formed on the internal screen, and then begin to correspond, be synchronized with images of environmental validity. First it is subjects of a life, a room, books. Further the child begins to see everything, that him surrounds. His biocomputer begins to work as independent analyzing system. We are not engaged in any magic. These are the natural processes incorporated in each us. Such abilities are very easily duplicated. The technique is fulfilled, she is constructed on knowledge of laws and allows literally to each child to develop vision inside herself and vision of world around.
For us faster development of such abilities, than their absence by the end of the third grade level is normal.
System of restoration of impellent function at the child
with a children's cerebral paralysis.

At these children the impellent centre is broken, they may not operate the movement, are in a motionless status.
Literally at the second step the child on the screen of internal vision for the first time creates model of free movement. On the screen he is free and unchained. He transfers this model to the body, and gradually the body begins to obey, perceive this model, and the child may straighten a hand in an elbow where was contractyra which might not be cured by any ways. The child makes all: he has felt the intense muscle, has given the command - and the muscle began to work. And then there is a miracle. We all over again enable the child to feel movement, then this status is repeatedly fixed in a bark of a brain and passes to a level of a unconditioned reflex. At the child anew, it is artificial the control centre of movement is created. And the child any more will not lose these abilities.
For children with heavy somatic diseases, for example insulindependent a diabetes,
We prepare for the individual program of restoration of health. Due to harmonization of work of all bodies and systems, amplification energyexchange, development of direct and return internal biological communications there is a general improvement of an organism. Change of a level of sugar in blood any more does not cause sharp deterioration of state of health.
Children study to carry out self-diagnostics, to define at themselves a level of sugar in blood. The child becomes more protected, more adapted.
Experts of the medical centre work on the general model of health of the person, the problem put to restore normal work of an organism. The technique allows to work with any pathologies, and we shall develop and introduce our technologies.


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