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The international Academy of Development of the Person
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The international project " Information social ecology of XXI century "


Last achievements of science and the newest knowledge in area человековедения as a whole (it concerns medicine, biology, neurophysiology and psychology, however, the same as mathematics, physics and chemistry) allow to assert, that the person is capable "to see" that is to perceive the information on the form and properties of subjects environmental it, not using bodies of sight. For this purpose it is only necessary to pass the program of training by the appropriate technique.
Academician N.P.Behtereva in November, 2000 during realization in the Taurian Palace in Saint Petersburg World congress " Results of millenium ", has declared opening of new property of the person - " Direct vision ", i.e. about ability to see without the help of eyes.
To present time already there are scientifically confirmed objective proofs of existence of this property. Moreover, are developed and continue to be improved techniques on the basis of V.M.Bronnikov's method for training visually impaired and absolutely blind to alternative vision registered as opening " Direct vision ".
The program " the WORLD WITHOUT BLINDNESS " starts the movement on a planet from city - Saint Petersburg well-known both the outstanding scientists, and progressive ideas and undertakings.
The organizations of a world level take part in development of the program " the WORLD WITHOUT BLINDNESS ", such organizations as:
Management of academy " Man-history" director Alexey Nikolaevich Kadochnikov (Saint Petersburg),
" Institute of the Brain of the Person " the Russian Academy of Science director Svjatoslav Vsevolodovich Medvedev (Saint Petersburg),
" The International Academy of Development of the Person " president Vyacheslav Mihajlovich Bronnikov (Feodosiya),
St.-Petersburg state university,
Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg,
St.-Petersburg technical university,
Establishments of public health services of Saint Petersburg and educational establishments of Saint Petersburg.
Within two years research work in " Institute of the Brain of the Person " on studying of " Direct vision " will be carried out(spent) under the direction of academician Natalia Petrovny Behterevoj.
In N.P.Behtereva's published in magazine clause" the Science and life " 7 for 2001, writes and about training to vision blindly people, not suffering defects of sight. Such "superopportunities" received as a result of systematic employment, today may show hundreds people, past training. They may participate (and participate) in training blind and visually impaired, in medical diagnostics and the scientific researches, allowing to begin creation of model of the person of new type " the Person Conscious - Homo Consciens ", to the Person going on change Reasonable - Homo Sapiens.
Realization of the program " the WORLD WITHOUT BLINDNESS " opens new and new opportunities for the Person and Societies. At its first stages, alongside with realization of training of blind and visually impaired guys at the specialized schools of Saint Petersburg, large-scale research work and expansion of preparation of the trainers - instructors owning techniques of training is provided.
Now in the world it is registered over 70 million blind people, which by traditional ways to help not probably. Simultaneously in the world there is a tendency to decrease(reduction) of quality of vision of the person, deterioration of visual function due to influence of computer engineering and others техногенных factors.
The offered program " the WORLD WITHOUT BLINDNESS " opens a unknown opportunity in the decision of many complicated problems in the field of sight. Officially it is possible to declare, that the blind person from birth or completely lost sight is capable to get an alternative way of vision - " Direct vision ".
Efficiency at training children till 14 years over 80 percents, efficiency at adults more than 50 percents.
Special ways of influence on persons are not made. In a basis of a method development of dead properties and qualities of a brain real-life in each person and participating is incorporated during fast dream at a dream.
Long-term practice of academician V.M.Bronnikova and of his experts has convincing facts in efficiency of a method, his powerful improving opportunities, in development of creative abilities.
The method is simple and easily duplicated. The technology of preparation of experts is fulfilled. Within 6 months on the basis of courses of improvement of qualification in the educational centres of the International Academy of Development of the Person there is a preparation of experts.
Now the program " the WORLD WITHOUT BLINDNESS " receives a wide circulation in many cities of Russia, the countries of the CIS and abroad.
The program " the WORLD WITHOUT BLINDNESS " represents the unprecedented aaeei-social and research program, which purpose to return to the Society of High-grade People.


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