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The international Academy of Development of the Person
The centre of Creative Development "Dolphin"

The international project
" Information social
Ecology of XXI century "


All world knows, that Russia - the country of generation of unique ideas and directions. Russia gives a priority not to scientific and technical development, and the human factor, his unique opportunities. It opens a way to creation of technologies of new generation and new opportunities. For last years technologies of disclosing of the fantastic opportunities dozing in the person are created and developed.
The mankind has created completely new environment - information ocean - and a little who understands, in what situation all of us now are. Not having protective properties and qualities in relation to this new inhabitancy, we appeared hostages of own generation.
All this has created powerful intensity and destabilization, transforming XX century in nervous century. Process is aggravated due to increase of problems in the person: impracticality to perception of the information of necessary quality and volume, and also creation of engineering of a high class and a level of the organization inaccessible to the majority of the population on perception. Incompatibility of mankind and scientific and technical progress accrues, there is a divergence of systems. All this conducts to maturing global crises, to generation of XXI century - centuries of lunatics though on the other hand it is century technotronic, century of fantastic changes to which it is necessary to be ready.
For a survival of the individual and a society, it is necessary to understand, that completely new system of registration, vision and forecasting of information processes last, present and the future is necessary, i.e. the next century only that country will be the leader in the world community which will have the best information investigation. We stand on the verge of opportunities of an information transparency, i.e. ability of reception of any information with a high degree of objectivity irrespective of time and space.
In this occasion it is necessary to tell that in the world community there was the latent revolution connected to studying of the person and creation new biological and психотронных of systems. It is connected to concept and the phenomena of superconscious function.
The offered project serves global understanding of occurbing world processes and gives real opportunities of practical break in all fields of knowledge and human lifes.
There are processes about which each individual may know, thinking of the native Land, destiny of the country, life, but there are processes of other property, quality and character which the person with virtual ways of vision and with holographic consciousness may see and understand only. There are processes which stand above usual understanding of the person, they are global, planetary and cosmic.
If orientate in the correct image consciousness of the person, he may see and understand that lays on a surface, and he without the help does not notice. Primary goal now in education at the person of need to search and creative vision of that already for a long time is open, but is not understood. All latent, secret, secret knowledge stand at you on shelfs!..
All this opens a way to new opportunities of scientific and technical development and new social and economic opportunities.
1. Wide circulation of knowledge and technologies of the new person - Persons Conscious, with the unique opportunities, capable not only to survive in complex vital conditions of the aggressive information-ecological environment but also to take it under the control.
2. An exit from dependence of a field of influence technogenny processes and submission of them to itself.
3. Creation and introduction of new technologies in various areas of ability to live of the person on the basis of knowledge of the future events and a choice of optimum decisions.
Primary goal of the International Academy of Development of the Person - realization of the International Project " Information social ecology of XXI century "-
Системно-complete culture of the New Person.
New qualities of the Person create also new culture, Culture of the Person Conscious, where in a basis - Ethics of the Person Conscious, living spiritually. Spirituality is a way of knowledge of laws and principles of the beginning and the end of Divine Idea of "Persons".
Системно-complete structure of innovational development and continuous education.
Unique opportunities - to higher education.
Antenatal information development - system " the Minus one year ".
Preschool education: preservation and development of ingenious qualities.
School of ingenious abilities.
New physical training and phenomenal sports.
Youth movement.
Sistem-complete medicine of designing and preservation of life.
Information-power preventive maintenance of health and life.
Unique opportunities in rehabilitation:
Rehabilitation of children, ill a children's cerebral paralysis.
" The World without blindness " - rehabilitation blind and visually impaired.
Rehabilitation of children of patients chronic somatic and endocrine diseases.
Preparation of the doctors owning non-standard ways of treatment and preventive maintenance of diseases.
From direct vision - to direct knowledge.
Search of new methods and opportunities in all areas of modern science and creation of new areas with the help of the young experts prepared under the program " Technologies of business success of the Person Conscious ".
Now work of the International Project " Information social ecology of XXI century " is carried out in 52 cities of Russia, 8 cities of Ukraine, in. Аlmаta (Kazakhstan) also are conducted preliminary works with the countries of distant foreign countries: Yugoslavia, Germany, England, France.


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