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The Herb prolonging life.
The Place of the collection: island Olihon, northeasterly foothills of Tibet.
The Area of the influence: Sagan-daylya is strong energo-facilitator, on order qualitative gilded root, ginseng. The Herb yan. Perfects metabolism, raises immunitet, strong antisepsises. Kills bad flora in mouth, gastrointestinal tract. Removes the slags from organism, in the first place, from light and bronchi. Restores activity of the cardiovascular system, bud, liver, bilious bubble. Promotes activity of the cerebrum. Consolidates the walls a container. Reduces nervousness and weariness, rejuvenates, raises potens. Removes from organism unnecessary and bad elements. The Dosage: 3-5 sheets or 2 centimetres of stalk are flooded on 200 milliliterses boiling water or tea. Possible increase the dose receiving the preparation, depending on the individual particularities of the organism. It Is Persisted not less 7 minutes (optimum 30 minutes). Is taken 2 times at day regardless of meal (advisable morning: 10-13 and evening: 18-21). When using necessary to drink at day 2-3 litres of water, will since be an effect dry fabric.

This herb used all magicians and know (from Chinese and Mongolian emperor before shaman Siberia). SAGAN-Daylya in translation means "herb prolonging life". The Emperors used it for extension of the lifes and recovery, shamans - for treatment nearly any diseases, magicians and warriors - for aquisition power and entering in trance. She was considered by secret, secret and was available only alit society. Presently and we can use her due to an unknown broadly great magician and physician Vedihanu, which accumulate all knowledges of the Orient and has pawned the base of the whole medicine and cultures of shaman. At our time this herb use the spacemans, geologists, special subdivision, as well as all "serious" meditationman. You may book Sagan-Daylya (one bag is enough on 5-6 knead approximately.): write

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