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Trees do not grow up to heavens.

From the beginning of the last century the quantity apple-tree on hectare was promptly increased and their height decreased. Having started with circuits of planting 12 12 m. (70 apple-tree on g) have passed circuits 10 10, 8 6 (250 apple-tree on g) at the end of one century have finished up to 5 2 m. (1 000 apple-tree on g)., in some cases up to 2 000 piece on g. The height of apple-tree has decreased up to 2,5 - 3 m., a crop began to collect from a level of the ground.

Basis of my collection - grades of institute of gardening of Moscow, the most northern in the world. Column-apple-tree. The science about work - ergonomics - has revealed, rearrangement of the goods in shop from a level of a floor up to a level of eyes increases sales by 78 %, and from a level of hands on a level of eyes - on 63 %. Gardeners should take into account each centimeter of height of a fruiter. Who to get behind apples on 7 meter height? Means, the best apples will fall also will decay. The person was helped by a nature. In 64 in Canada on old apple-tree MIKINTOSH the "mad" branch growing strictly upwards without lateral branchs has grown. The owner of a garden, the Pole on a nationality, has named branch VAGEK (a shaft). The destiny of this branch was solved by selectors, in interests of progressive gardening. Practically immediately the selector was connected to work with apple-trees without a crone from Moscow Kichina V.V. - since 1972. In 1976 he has received the first grades which subsequently began to refer to column-apple-tree, has adapted them for the Russian climate. Now his best grades to taste, aroma, colouring, the size, winter hardinesses and stability to illnesses surpass the majority of usual grades, and in productivity surpass repeatedly. If the average crop usual apple-tree in the rests of collective farms and state farms does not exceed 4000 kg., in civilized countries - 40000 kg., the crop of column-apple-trees in 4 050 centners with g is known. So, column-apple-trees grow a stick - stick, without uniform branch, in a line land through 2 palms from each other. They are convenient for display at exhibitions, registrations of offices; replace in buckets and carry in "Jiguli". Have surprised, return again in a kitchen garden. Plant this apple-tree in the plastic container with lateral apertures, through them roots freely will penetrate into ground. Bring up powerful columny a tree similar to a candelabrum with candles in height up to 3, 5 meters.
Grades are interesting: PRESIDENT, OSTANKINO, CURRENCY, TCHERVONETS, TRIUMPH, VASUGAN, IDOL, IKAR. Book these seedling on 20$ possible.
Get acquainted with column-apple-trees under the book of their author of the doctor of sciences of Kichiny Victor Valer'janovicha "Column-apple-trees". The book can be ordered (in Russian)on the price 10$.

Cherries, a plum, a cherry plum.

Cherries VLADIMIR, KOMSOMOLSKAIA, FERTILE, GRIOT MOSCOW, RUSINKA; plum EUROASIA-21 - rootown. Buying them for 10, buy the whole garden. The cherry plum is sweet! It is pleasure of my grandson and my mum.

Excellent grades under the excellent prices.

Seedling a black and red currant, a raspberry ordinary, jimolost and a gooseberry on 4.

With what to start?

Do not know from what to start? So it nobody knows. Each gardener goes the special road. Having read in magazine "Manor`s a facilities" (december 1981) about a grade of potato ADRETTA, I have gathered with two bags to the owner of a grade only March, 14, doubting, that the grade "waits" for me. On my knock the grandfather of 90 years has left, and having learned about the purpose of arrival has confirmed my fears: "Potatoes are not present, I have sent 326 parcels post." His wife has regretted: "Micle, the person from Moscow has arrived, find one potato" the Grandfather to climb in a cellar, the wife has invited in the house. So I have found ADRETTA and friendship of this family..
Having said goodbye, has reflected: " Well ADRETTA to try. You will try, from what to raise? And if to raise, whether that from a bush to try family? " Has not had time to rise to an embankment of the railway, the idea has come: "I shall Multiply a potato sprouts." Up to station of meters 700, this way has sufficed to recollect about the aunt, she shanks made multiple copies ficuses. "Than the potato is worse than ficuses?" Having thought 10 minutes, I was defined with the accelerated duplication of a potato. It appears, we know much. It is necessary to manage. Having come back home, potato has put in a flowerpot. April, 2 potatos not has sprouted, and in the Polytechnical museum the professor of Pockets to truck farmers lectured about a potato. Has addressed with a question: "Sergey Nikolaevich, whether it is possible for one potato for one season to set one 0,1 ga?" Also has received the negative answer. But I have already counted all. On magazine " Potato growing and vegetables " has found out, on 0,1 ga there are about 2 000 stalks; at cultivation of a unique grade it is enough 800. To the beginning of June to me "has bothered" to potter with a potato: I have received 35 sprouts from which has cut off and have implanted 105 shanks. The grade increased in 140 time was necessary to increase all in 6 times. Time sufficed, but a summer residence in 240 kms. From Moscow, up to it 4 changes on transport, 8 hours of a way, from them hour on foot. Try on Friday enter in a unique electric train. Got with a backpack, in it of a nut and long loafs, gas bags both gentle plants. And all this to solar doors of an electric train..
This way of duplication for elementary grades of rural schools, where wide window sills and kitchen gardens under windows. Wanted to declare the premium to won school. But times were of Brejnev! Then were appreciated night guard. And you will be presented business, you will declare the parasite and will send on chemistry. Having received 2 bags of a potato, there would be I the friend of the director and all leading experts of institute of potato growing!? Unless would publish in the main potato magazine my article which has developed practically in day of reception unique potato? Start also you though with a potato. Any culture is ready you to praise to skies. The maximum class - on an own kitchen garden to receive production quality is higher, than at the English queen . To experimenting, and to you the pleasure achievements creative heights will open.

Fadukov V.M. To the beginning

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