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This section was created to unit already existing information on ecoland and to try operatively to trace again acting. Therefore at whom is what to tell, very much I ask write:

Pray of the god to the person.

Loved creation,------------ Be stuck in blood,--- Accept mine kissing, Oppress war interrupt.

Loving love creation,-------- I shall Come, in myself------ I shall take part your goodwill,---------------------Both a torment, and dream,

Candles in night burning, Blaze passions,---------- Hard lump torment, Assembly of all beams.

Look in eyes of a sun- Love, love and sing,--------And as the Earth is beautiful--------------------------In itself open.

Owning all universe, Grieving about itself,---------You, me blessed,-----------All recollect me!

- 2001

Ecoland in Russia.

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