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Hymn to a raspberry.

I live in a crimson garden! A crimson Garden - the present field of miracles! Than a raspberry is more sweet, than a raspberry is more curative, the nature of nothing is more reliable than a raspberry has thought up. Divine berries create paradise pleasure in our body and a state of bliss in our soul. The crimson Garden is a space in which everyone can realize himself. Life to us is given once and to live it is necessary in the Crimson Garden. At a raspberry darkness (143 280 435 000 000 000 000) most sweet molecules of glucose and set оthe not read out connections, from which you look better. It is unessential to know all figures to take pleasure in its taste and aroma.
Raspberries are different.

Malines can divide into 4 groups: ordinary, largefruity, cshtamby and remontanty.

" In this carriage of the past farly from being you will leave. " ќ. Bendery

Ordinary grades of a raspberry with berries up to 4 grammes: NEWS OF KYZMIN, EARLY SWEET, KALININGRAD, SWEET TOOTH, him for 100 years. The most unusual grades from ordinary - KIRGACH, SHOSHA, MALAHOVKA, the WHIM of GODS (up to a minus 46) have appeared at the end of the last century. These grades with aroma of love, excellent taste and an excellent crop. All these grades are good, but obstinate gardeners obstinately repeat Anna Ahmatovoj's words " the Beauty is very good, but not from ours century! ".

The phenomenon of miracle - light.

Long selectors of a raspberry did not manage to escape from the modest sizes: weight of berries has stiffened at a level 4 гр., the crop from a bush did not exceed 2 kg.; they did not impress progressive gardeners and did not surprise. At the end of the last millenium it is completely unexpected on fans of tasty all world the happiness - a raspberry of the huge sizes has fallen down. How it happened? Probably, the ray of light whether from the sun, whether from any other star flied, and has got precisely in heart gene a crimson bush, having turned in it a gene of size of berries with usual on largefruity. Can be, revolution appeared more fantastic, the science does not know. Malines it has turned out low, thick, with huge berries. Such mutations frequently occur in a nature, but are not always noticed and fixed; before there was no knowledge. To us has carried, by a bush there passed the wise person - the selector. Malines him has admired, he has decided its advantages to fix and strengthen. And miracles of light has increased.

Malines for society.

Has gone once with branch such raspberry to solid establishment. The employee past ran, it is possible weak-sighted, she and exclaim: " It at you that - such tomatoes! " The Mistake has liked me. Has a little corrected it, has added a word more largly, and has received an advertising slogan:" the tomato is larger than Malines!"
Fruits a tomato of toy grades TIM-TIM, the DIGNITY - MARCANO, SWEET ONE HUNDRED redden because of the growth before berries PATRICIA, it comes nearer to all dear DE-BARAO. By the way, the water-melon in the Iranian language means "a cucumber, size from a donkey".

And Kichina Great to us the way has lit up.

V.V.Kichina largefruity has tamed a raspberry to the Russian life. His miracles - grades: PRIDE of RUSSIA, Beauty of RUSSIA, PATRICIA, ARBAT, RICH, SIMPLY CHARM, DIVINE, GENERALISSIMO, YELLOW GIANT, MAROSEIKA, TARYSA, the robust FELLOW, TAGANKA etc.

Good on - it is a lot of.

Berries of these grades can be so large, as far as want: each additional processing (having watered, top dressing, loosening, protection against weeds) will give not less than 10 % of increase of the size of berries and a crop.

Let the neighbour envies - at him such is not present.

Combine flatwise 2 box of matches. Receive exact model of a berry of a grade the GENERALISSIMO. Open wide more widely a mouth. These boxes in your mouth not пролезут. Means, and it is necessary to bite off berries. The linear sizes of the GENERALISSIMO in 1,5 times surpass berries of recognized champion TAGANKA from it in 23 grammes. It is possible, someone from you will bring up berries with мобильник Е In a history of mankind there were 7 generalissimoes. Among raspberries the first has appeared and remain the only thing.

About magic of names.

Grades receive names not in the casual image. The hybrid of a raspberry with a sad accession number to K89 once upon a time there was. It created berries excellently. Impression as from mersedes 2200. How it to name? Has tried on a name the WHIM of GODS. Have abused: " What for has devoted to any gods, name it in honour of Russia. " There Was time, other visitors of a garden only sighed, words were superfluous. But once one of visitors, having declined knees before a crimson bush, has exclaimed: " Ah, what pride! What Beauty! " And at once has created 2 names: PRIDE of RUSSIA and Beauty of RUSSIA. It seemed, Majestic K89 anything can not be, and the name PRIDE of RUSSIA has got to it.

Whence it has undertaken such?

In a garden of doctor Kichiny you will not have time to get used to good, there is the best. Has become thoughtfull: qualities K89 not absolutely correspond to my representations about Russia: little bit sour, curve, with thorns and "is ugly" big. For Russia such qualities are not desirable, for the generalissimo will leave. A nice name we shall reserve for best of the best. K89 with PRIDE of RUSSIA has degraded in GENERALISSIMOES. Having changed the name, respect for it has not lost. Look also you at its photo.

1. Berries of a raspberry of a grade "generalissimo" twice to thickness match a box.

2. In a circle: a berry of a raspberry of a grade " the yellow giant " - up to 7 grammes.

Malines for patriots.

There are raspberries good, is very good, and there is a PRIDE of RUSSIA and Beauty of RUSSIA. Both grades - superheavyweights. In all! From weight of berries up to the price seedling. They carry features of an ideal grade even at the given stage of development of mankind: here to improve there is already nothing. For patriots of a garden, certainly, the best choice. Beauty of RUSSIA has had time to prove to be from the best side in severe conditions of Nizhni Tagil and Kemerovo.


Instead of clumsy words here it was necessary to place its photo. You would see 4 order of branching fruit branch: it seems, the flight of flies has got confused in a web is was fastened berries in 4 times more usual. First of them will ripen before berries of the earliest grades though it achieve the huge sizes. But whether can RICH create a plentiful crop on the poor ground? Feed, give to drink, cover it from frosts, tie up to a lane. Also call visitors.


Why DIVINE!? It would be necessary to ask me at the moment when at a kind of the first berries from my language such exclamation was broke. Speak, the first impression the most true Е. An oustanding grade. Oustanding so, that anyone who incorrectly will dare to look at it, will be immediately put on a place.

Simply charm.

Yes who you, who? - Still you will learn.
Yes who you, who? - Still you will see.

In another way a grade to not name. Unless dream. Low (up to 1,6 i) harmonous plants of a raspberry it draw your attention already during their flowering: beautiful lilac sepals become its card, such are not present at one grade. You never with anybody will not mix itЕ If you have kept skill to be surprised and admire, SIMPLY CHARM for you. Such raspberry not only eat, such raspberry admire Е

It is faultless in all.

ARBAT at landing 2,5x0,7 the m. (5714 bushes on gа) gives
40 000 runaways or 1 000 000 fruit branch with 25 berries on everyone. On га - 25 000 000 berries. At environments it weight of a berry 5 г (4-12 г) the crop will make 125 000 000 gr. Or 1 250 hc.! Reduce in 10 times, 0,1 ga will give so much berries, how many will not give calf some meat from the whole gа. Whether we compare a care of a raspberry to a care for calf ! The grade is pleasant in every respect. But with some lacks. Not so pleasantly, but ARBAT and has not gone to manufacture, it plantings plunder all.


" I - perfection, I - perfection,
I - a ideal " - Mary Popins
Everything told about ARBAT, is fair for PATRICIA. Only it is more perfect, pawns even more fruit kidneys. PATRICIA - an ideal of the gardener - fan and the gardener - farmer, it - a grade of the future. Only it is not possible to put in pawn PATRICIA a plantation. Steal.

Clever beauty with steel character.

" If there is at the woman a figure,
The woman absolutely any more a silly woman. "- Igor Guberman

Cshtamby grades of a raspberry call crimson trees. Unfairly it. On thickness, rigidity TARYSA is more correct to compare to a steel breakage. On harmony, elegance, a figure to it is not present equal among all garden cultures (except for column-apple-tree). Frosts to it at all. If it at all did not create large berries, all the same it should allocate the place of honour in a garden: to plant and simply to admire.

The robust fellow.

It is good TARUSA, but the robust FELLOW is more sweet, without support it does not lower beautiful clusters of berries up to the ground. Lowering a crop in one side, creates surprising impression.

It is necessary to tell the truth.

" Such did not see a lot century! "

Here grades of the future are listed. Many because of youth at all grades, hybrids to which temporarily I have given "maiden names", they on an example of the GENERALISSIMO once again can exchange ten. Strictly speaking, the grade is nursed(paced), checked, интродуцируетс€ years 25, most young of listed is not present and 5. They are interesting to cultural minority, at whom aspiration to the most advanced - style of life. The rests should wait years 30 when all will be checked up and will become outdated.

Malines remontanty.

" Ambassador Pimen-Marina do not search in a wood of a raspberry! "

Malines ремонтантна€ - annual, sectional, начисто скашиваема€ after the first frosts - new culture in Russia. Grades from Moscow "maternity home": INACCESSIBLE, KALASHNIK, PARADISE PLEASURE.

What it for a raspberry?

Everyone know a raspberry with a 2-years cycle of development. In the first season it drives a stalk, will put in pawn kidneys, in the second - blossoms and creates a crop. Remontanty the raspberry creates a crop on runaways of the current year from the end of July and up to snow. Under winter stalks at it cut off at a level of ground. There are no stalks, there are no also cares from them spend the winter. With them wreckers and illnesses are thrown out. Because of gradual maturing a crop, a plant of a raspberry are not overloaded, props are not necessary. Developing not under laws (in other terms) a usual raspberry, it deceives wreckers and illnesses. ÷ветоеды leave during flowering a usual raspberry, our raspberry still small to blossom does not think. Time of its flowering will approach, there will leave time of wreckers, they will stand about the next year. Not having wounds from wreckers, it is easier to it to consult with illnesses. Allotments with this raspberry amaze with cleanliness of foliage and aroma of berries.

Let always there will be a sun, let always will be inaccessible!

It is the most remarkable grade remontanty raspberries. It has penetrated on 58 parallel, to Nizhni Tagil, and even on 59 parallel, into city of Sheksna, at Cherepovets. It is tested in northern Severodvinsk. Its gardeners from southern areas idolize: Tiraspol, Zaporozhye. Growth it is insignificant, up to 1 m. 40 see, that allows it to be switched to ripening of berries quickly.
The most winter raspberry.

" Once in ice cold winter пору I from a wood have left.
The strong frost was. I look Е. "

INACCESSIBLE with berries. If you are ready to surprise and admire, a late autumn dig out the most powerful bushes and lay so that it was possible to bring in them to a room at any moment. INACCESSIBLE will create a miracle: will give a berry for New year, March, 8, in day of a name-day your to loved or a favourite child. You will find terms вноса in the house and terms of gathering of berries in winter.

Look, with whom I!

Leave from her(it) веточками on street. Become the centre of general attention. Also be surprised to words of admiration.

3. Malines remontanty


KALASHNIK above INACCESSIBLE, grows up to 1m. 70 sm. The greater growth demands longer time of growth because of what its fructification is late approximately for one week in comparison with INACCESSIBLE. It is the basic grade for improvement of "breed".

Paradise pleasure.

Waited ideal remontanty a grade? It before you, at it the most sweet berries of the most crimson color.

Choose, but it is cautious. But choose!

Remontanty grades have approximately identical weight of berries, up to 7 gr. And a various level remontanty. A highest level at INACCESSIBLE - 100 % of a crop on runaways of the current year, at KALASHNIK and PARADISE PLEASURE - up to 70 %. The data on Moscow suburbs. Simple agrotechnical receptions the level remontanty can be lifted up to 100 %. Malines it is extremely sympathetic on attention to it. Provide a raspberry with a feed and a moisture and you do not learn it; clusters so пот€желеют, that my statement about uselessness of a garter to lane becomes incorrect.

Now the genius can become everyone!

" At the end of 20 centuries everyone the man and each woman
Have the right to 15 minutes of glory. "- Andy Worholl

Remontanty raspberries fructify in a season of realization of the international and All-Russia exhibitions, on them they have earned for me the whole box of diplomas. At this time a raspberry do not accept for a raspberry, confuse to wild strawberry. Remontanty the raspberry is capable to transform each gardener into the champion of area, area, the country, the world.

From goods of goods search.

Absolutum Absoletum - if something
Works, it is already obsolete.

Think, on grades with the brilliant future the author has stopped? Anything similar! Kichina always thinks of what is not present. Knowing, that at a raspberry only 20 % of its opportunities are revealed, send in fight perfect grades. But also it not all. Now Е Using grades KichinaЕ Each cook can operate a raspberry a method of small selection. This work brings true pleasure.

Crimson the table of ranks.

The most amazing attention of progressive gardeners of a grade: INACCESSIBLE, GENERALISSIMO, TARUSA, RICH, SIMPLY CHARM, PRIDE and Beauty of RUSSIA, YE20, YE36, YE37.

Observe narrowness.

The main source of your crop - the sun. Each leaflet of a raspberry should bathe in its beams. Plant a raspberry through 70 see, then will extend in a line in which on a running metre should be 10 stalks. A step to the left - a step to the right from this line - "execution". Superfluous plants of a raspberry - malicious weeds. Runaways ремонтантной raspberries always through 70 see.

Heavy life of a sweet raspberry.

" We are glad to arrange paradise terrestrial,
Yes circumstances the matter is that "

Malines is not a strategic direction in development of mankind. It not automatic devices Kalashnikova, bombs, means of delivery and defeat. Scientists have ceased to invent happiness, have engaged in yperite, aircraft carriers, the Siberian ulcer. Executioners have undertaken professional development of the light future. On a raspberry in one state of the state money is not present. Is not present and in Russia. But is Kichina V.V! Also there is a hope, that for the beggarly salary of the professor in 3 000 it will make happy millions Russian gardeners. There can be it and madness, but it does it. Changes, moreover what changes wait for us!Е Whether still will be!

Loved do not leave.

By orders, largefruity the raspberry gains a pure victory above usual; it seems, era of a usual raspberry is completed. Simply the raspberry of the simple gardener does not interest. It is wrong. SHOSHA, the WHIM of GODS, MALAHOVKA, LAZAREVSKAIA, EARLY SWEET - champions to taste and aroma. In total on 5$.

On foto SHOSHA.


The predatory prices.

Cheaply and fatally.

Do not complain of quality seedlings known firms: you are not ready to pay more, they can not send better. The truck farmer will receive third of price seedling. You bring up fine seedlings at such payment? Presidents of firms on my manor see difference to raise me from sent by them: eyes of them shine but to buy miracles - grades for you are not solved - cheap stuff it more favourably. Buying it, poor become even poorer.

Below cost prices.

" On three roubles, but small, but on five roubles well about - very much big! "


The best prices.

" To buy. While it is impossible and while it is possible. "

Is economically inexpedient to provide all gardeners with all possible blessings at once. PRIDE of RUSSIA, Beauty of RUSSIA, DIVINE, SIMPLY CHARM, RICH, IDEAL, the LILAC FOG - while rarities also cost it is so much, rarities how many should cost, are accessible to desperate persons on forbidden 40$. Temporarily their price surpasses other grades, but on a background of the advantages it seems not such important. Already at the first crop the price starts to seem to more reasonable, than up to that.

Beauty of RUSSIA

Good message.

" Vasukinci money will not pay. They will be them to receive! " ќ. Bendery

Lead educational conversations, tempt familiar to receive happiness at a discount. Having sent 200$.., receive a lot of 10$ seedlings, their price can be admired only. Here money spend for their increase. The oustanding order will cost even more cheaply. Consider and be surprised. Emancipating struggle against poverty begin on an own kitchen garden. That it is possible for kings, it is possible also to the simple peasant.

Superprogramme maintenance.

I create an image of a grade. In this case it is needless to list qualities known to you: color of berries of a raspberry, their form, the size. Weight of berries and size of a crop - sizes variables, they are not so much attributes of a grade, how many attributes of your soul. ARBAT it is described by words of the author of this grade. His impressing figures are fair and for the others 33 BOGATYRS of my collection. About taste of berries - words. To discuss it is no sense, at each of us different acid-alkaline balance. From the party some innovations seem revolutionary as the huge underwater (underground) part of an iceberg - ripening of idea is latent from the inhabitant. However many spoke about technology revolution, any it and not revolution at all. Revolution is a destruction, disorders, " up to the basis, and then ". Evolution - other business, is process creative, gradual (though sometimes very fast). And if during it something dies off, only behind own unfitness. The gardener - the most most ancient trade. To optimize all actions in a garden it is not enough whom from modern gardeners it is possible. Now at gardeners, as at Buratino, short ideas. The purpose of given clause - to give the review of mistakes from "height of the bird's flight". The interrogation which has been carried out in shops, has shown, that the great bulk of books harmful to gardeners. Authors can not even formulate a problem correctly: as as should обеспечечить a crop. Check of books on gardening has shown, 75 % of books - harmful. New Russian has given me a pile of books on gardening. Has opened one and has on the spot returned with words: " Books such to hold in the house and to raise grades from these books in a garden I do not advise. It is even not last century. Not without reason, all write to me: about your grades anywhere did not read, in nurseries new grades do not differ from old." All harmful advice them repeat. One of them - to dig holes for planting seedling. How many has ruined pears, apple trees on heavy grounds this advice! What is the landing hole on clay? It is a micropond, but sufficient for death of a fruiter. For what the pond digs? For gathering and long storage of water. In a pond water is useful, and in a hole? - Water will supersede air and roots of plants will choke. Roots in water, and leaves choke with heat. In other years without everyones holes the heavy ground is oversaturated with water, and plants массово perish. On such ground everyone do on the contrary - put seedling on the ground and sprinkle with its ground, the bed will turn out. To you it is easier and €блон€м with pears it is more pleasant. Prepared for a hole scatter on a surface and dig over. Roots like to creep not downwards, and in the sides where the ground is warmer also than useful substances more, than in the bottom layers. I studied not under textbooks. In magazines and newspapers the most actual material. And there arguments sound.

Do not dig a hole!

With what the ideal gardener begins work? First he will formulate: what tasks his garden should solve. They define characteristics of ground, grades and requirements to grades. The ideal gardener begins that prepares for ground. And with what starts no-gardener? He digs holes.

Most quickly alive.

Workers зеленхоза Moscow land trees in streets of city in the winter. Illiterate muscovites in this business count their idiots. But trees the destiny prove, what exactly this is time for their change is correct. To a leaf fall the saved up substances from leaves went in a stalk. The reasonable plant to winter gradually will forward the most important substances in roots. Getting roots, wait this moment which coincides with промораживанием ground. Getting shank for a spring inoculation, do not miss this moment.

Lead research experiment.

" Unsuccessful planning - planning of failure. "- Traisi

Having read harmful books, having listened to sweet speeches of sellers about rooting in the late summer and an early autumn, the gardener to entangle in purchase seedlingsЕ But Е Sometimes insignificant efforts make grandiose impression. Do not trust? Lead scientific experience. Dig out seedlings a weed raspberry, an elder and replace them in tragic time. Before freezing ground or in April approach to these plantings and pull them top. They will jump out of ground without effort for anything with it did not connect them. New roots will not find. After such experience at purchase seedlings nobody will doubt of your professionalism. Roots well develop at 18-22 degrees of ground. Not one day - some weeks. At the end of one summer of such temperature it does not happen. And to buy seedlings it is not necessary. Even especially vigorous cultures drop out at early planting. Zero gardeners will see rostock in September and as small, are pleased: it is necessary, has got accustomed! Yes it has not got accustomed. To not be pleased it is necessary and to cry. This rostock lasts not due to forces of the ground, and due to resources itself seedling. Not the tenant it, its frost will beat the first. But for the short life it from mother - seedling will extend all forces. And that not the tenant.

I was born under a happy star.

" It is not enough Present people, On a planet of all nonsense. And to Russia - one my mum, Just she can, one? "

Mum - the basic assistant. To her 91 year. Growth with 5class, her any kid will butt. Complains: " at me any are not present Forces, I work to a habit. " To the Habit worked till 79 years: on a tree felling, on a chemical factory. Now copes with a kitchen garden about ten country sites. It is so much will bring up, will collect, will dry - on 5ton to not take away. Rural, knowing ours of a living condition in Moscow, left her to winter in their houses. Such mum is necessary! Seven miners she are exact (without binge) has supported. In most severe times from a den to sons has educated university formation. She does not knock helmets, not to lay to starve in warm bed, and сеет, flight, cleans, climbs behind berries of sea-buckthorn berries on the uppermost brachs, is inclined above seedlings, dances under pipes of great-grandsons. In the spring, almost at zero I see her on bed in thin jacket, I speak with a shiver: " it Is cold! ", also I hear: " And so it is hot! " Gape, she on the spot will dig up and will land the favourite potato, a string bean, cucumbers. In her hands the shovel, a mattock, an axe ring ringing, than at workers on 2, on 3, on 4 generations are younger than her. She always there, where more difficultly. Have sent to Moscow to be present at repair of a bath and a toilet. Has not sustained - to sit and look at their work. Our workers know, hands at them to tear off. From her it is possible to write the symphony about work. With a minimum of forces, being unsteady and falling, slowly and not stopping, she all contains in ideal cleanliness: a kitchen garden, the house, kitchen, the mind Е

Fadjukov V.M. To the beginning

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