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Ecoman are sprouting bright toys, травку which, it is possible to use as a forage for cats, and then the toy becomes игольницей. Works can be ordered, including with portrait similarity, to a trade mark of the company, to wedding, to a holiday, to birthday. Term of manufacturing from one week about one month depending on complexity. All of us do(make) with the handles, therefore and the prices at us tolerant. On wholesale - the big discounts. Write:

1.A mushroom 2.Person 3.A bang 4.Lady in ear rings
5.Heart 6. Lady in hat 7.Crank in glasses 8.Frog 9.Dog
10.Hospital nurse 11.A cat with fish 12.The Georgian 13.The cook 14.Pig
15.The young woman 16.The invalid 17.The elephant
18.In headphones 19.The grandfather 20.A dog in a cap 21.A zebra
22.Moustached 23.A turtle 24.Big-bellied 25. A tiger
26.A lion and a lioness 27.A member 28.Grandfather 29.The crocodile


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