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Hlebosol are products from salt and flours, more often caricature, a comic direction, so-called " Russian cheap popular print ". In olden time these toys gave each other and sentenced: " I have come to you with bread, with salt that the house was hospitable that in the house there was an abundance!". Further the gallery of works of different authors is submitted. Any works can be ordered, including with portrait similarity, to a trade mark of the company, to wedding, to a holiday, to birthday. Term of manufacturing from one week about one month depending on complexity. All of us make with the handles, therefore and the prices at us tolerant. Write:

1. Side by side 2. Heels 3. Have peeped!
4. A circus 5. A bath 6. The clown
7.Russian winter 8.Besom-protect on love 9.Cows
10.Русское лето 11.A doll in green 12.A doll "With love"
13. Cats 14.The bridge 15.Sirin
16.Sleeping in hay 17.Nanny-goat 18.Pears


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