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Elixir of youth.
Human life, is complex(difficult) biochemical process, as is known at the given level of understanding, and deep power, field processes poorly studied and basically are known only from sources left for ancient civilizations. In modern time, last decades psychics being based on ancient knowledge, have left on new levels of understanding and thanking ясновидению and to contact to representatives of other measurements, have deeply penetrated into essence of our life. Everyone use the organism and reflect on processes which organize ability to live a little, do not search for optimum modes of existence and is frequently criminal destroy themselves. Breaking balance and balance in systems of a body, it is especial is connected to a feed(meal) and impellent, physical qualities. Life begins even before conception and is formed all over again at only spiritual level, of information streams of sense and time. When sense and achievements of life of both parents converge in general(common), there is a spiritual process similarity of a resonance due to which there is a channel between measurements spiritual and material, and only at this moment probably conception of the child. Potential of the saved up qualities of sense of parents and in them the sense and force of their sort, are transferred the child as to the standard-bearer of the following period of a history of people. At ia?aaa?e it is formed кармическая communication(connection) which does not interrupt to death of parents, that it is necessary to take into account in the medicine, you see many problems and diseases have кармическую, the patrimonial reason. Our body, is such system which is entered in энергоинформационный the plan of a planet and space and bears(carries) reflection of processes occuring there, but also can and influence them own will. Source of all processes forming our body, is the clot of time which is connected to meaning of the life of the person, his(its) sort or people where it(he) is given birth, and time is a derivative from an eternal Absolute spiritual world. Therefore there are races when all its(her) people, bear(carry) the general(common) features of similarity, and attributes of similarity. Already at ideological formation of the future person, in him(it) such quantity(amount) of time and opportunities of life what answers quantities necessary personally for him(it) is brought. From here follows, that without change of the meaning of the life, the individual in any way can not prolong the life or improve its(her) qualities. Qualities of time and his(its) property, in formation of processes of ability to live, proceed from quality of time of the planet and bear(carry) its(her) attributes and as we are evolutionary result of life of an ancient animal empire of the universe in us all are reflected his(its) opportunities, achievements and restrictions. Our life therefore also short, that in fauna comprehension of mistakes, comes only in the following generations, and there is no necessity to prolong life previous for the essences with wrong qualities the better will faster be replaced. Further, as soon as time has generated potential process of the reason of life, its(her) descent(release) to the following plan, formations of a body in the world of relativities and realities of the concrete form of the person, it yet a matter, and as though its(her) prototype begins. External qualities of a body, the future growth, weight, color of a leather(skin), an eye etc. here are formed, and already on the basis of this prototype, the grey substance, similarity of a fog is formed so to say. Which gives more real energy, for concrete, limited within the limits of an information matrix, processes of formation of fabrics. From a grey fog, the space and every possible fields which form a final material body are shown. The person is shown as a germ, and all his(its) energy of internal potential, is spent for development and growth of a body, and after birth - in взросление the person. While it will proceed, energy basically goes directly and from the top downward, is as though poured out in the terrestrial world of a spiritual world. The food is both a building material and the basic energy source for systems of a body, at the moment of its(her) decomposition in intestines, electric energy (radio processes) in a different kind is allocated, and activate mechanisms of a body in work. But such energy, can come in a body and not only through food, but also from a spiritual world and through him(it), from space of a planet and space. Energy of time is spent, not for formation of a body from itself, and on the organization and maintenance of all systems of an organism together, and their work exists from decomposition of food. Ageing and death natural process, also depend on a way of carry of qualities of former time in the future and if this technology will be changed necessity for the physical end will disappear. It is possible to go by contradiction when not the person will change the spiritual qualities and will prolong life, and the body will change from the outside and by that stimulates change oppress, which will cause transformations of process of life and ageing. On such principle, the technology of an elixir of youth is based, in its(her) basis the way of generation high энергий an ether, similar on qualities энергиям souls which are reached(achieved), on the basis of management of an electric field lays, and are accumulated in the carrier. The basic carrier and the keeper of such energy, the pure(clean), filtered water is, the ether from which consists water, is sated highly with power processes, and passes under their action in other condition, becoming more active in any processes of ability to live of the organism, drinking such water. The good filtration of water for bacteria develop in it(her) more actively, than in usual water, also that is why is necessary salt also various microcells are dissolved in it(her) fastly and better. Water can be subject to any radio power process as all matter consists of an ether and is susceptible to his(its) changes. Basically, water can be translated on any information and power level, in any measurement of a reality of a planet and space, and on returning she(it) will store(keep) those qualities, that there has found. In a basis of ageing, lowering an organism in the bottom measurements of space of the ground lays, such which absorb vital energy of a body, and reduce opportunities of his(its) supporting processes, it occurs because of such which form of life we are, that is not present at different kinds of animals and they live longer than the person, in a proportional parity(ratio), взросления and an adult, active phase of life. Also at animals more actively the left rotation of space if to look to itself under legs the whirlwind will rotate from the left party(side) of a body to right, in parallel the ground, or clockwise, left because goes from the left party(side) though this name is conditional. It the rotation, back to rotation of time and consequently slows down fast ageing. Also at blue-eyed people of high growth, too this rotation left, that was once at all ancient people, and they lived long as it is described in the bible. If to change a principle of existence of the person in streams of time of a planet and space ageing will disappear naturally, but this new структуризация, business of the future, absolutely near for all necessary technologies are already real. High energy that those collect in water the generator, on properties of the radio structure that are absorbed by environmental space. And at returning them back in an organism, they return the childhood, and thus change an organism so, that it(he) will not depend any more on space and ageing of it(him) will have other quality. Basically so it is possible to live as much as long and if receipt of energy through the generator the organism will proceed(pass) on the unexpended potentials will be stopped, that have remained in time of usual existence. Therefore it is desirable to pass to life from an elixir, in the age of 18 years and to keep the reserves just in case. Basically with the help of change of processes in an organism, really to give to it(him) new qualities, such as телепортация, telepathy etc. To learn it(him) to generate various fields and spaces, for protection against dangers of an environment. To learn to do without write a lot of time or to switch off process of breath and to move in a space, to model appearance of the person, to change color of eyes, growth, weight, color of hair and other qualities.

For improvement and delay of ageing the person has enough to drink per day from 100 up to 200 ml of this water. It is enough two-liter bottle to feel positive result. You can order this two-liter bottle.


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