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The Bard.

The Endurance from the second book В. Megre "Zvenyaschie Cedars to Russia".

- Else long before Cristmas Hristova on the Land of the vein people, our прародители, which were identified the celt. Their own wise teachers they named the друидами. Before knowledges material and spiritual world друидов admired many folk, inhabited then the Land. In whitness of друида warriors celt never denuded the weapon. To get the rank initial step друидов, it is necessary was twenty years are individually trained beside Great Spiritual Mentor - an жреца-друида. The Got initiation - was identified "Bard". He had a moral right to go in folk and sing. Vselyati in people Light and Truth of its cantoes, forming word images, исцеляющие Showers.
On celt have attacked the roman legions. The Last battle occurred beside yard. Rimlyane have seen that amongst warrior-celt go the women(woman) with licentious hair. The Roman военачальники knew, when go these women(woman) then for victory on celt it is necessary to exceed them on the number in six once! Neither experienced roman военачальники, nor present-day researchers-historians can understand - why? But all deal in these unarmed woman with licentious hair.
Rimlyane have exposed the army in nine once exceeding celt on the number. Pressing to river, perished last foughting family celt.
They stood the semicircle, for their back making look younger woman of the helm by bosom teeny девочку and sang. Sang making look younger mother brighten, негрустную canto to does not вселились in Shower девочки awe and sadness to were with her images light.
When девочка came off from nipple maternal bosom, their glances met, woman broke the canto and any once tender named the девочку "Bard".
Already was not defending semicircle. Before roman legionnaire on trope, leading to feeding woman, stood with мечом in hand bloodstained young Bard. He was turned to woman, and, met glance, they smiled to each other.
Izranennyy Bard smog to hold римлян while woman, having come down to river, has not placed the teeny девочку in boat and has not repulsed the boat from coast.
Obeskrovlennyy Bard last effort to will threw to leg of the young women(woman) its меч.
She has raised меч. She during four hours continuously foughted on narrow trope with legionnaire, not to sublet them to river. The Legionnaires tired and changed on trope each other.
The Roman военачальники in perplexity silently observed, but could not understand, why experienced and strong soldiers can not inflict even scratch on body of the women(woman)?
She foughted four hours. Has Afterwards burned;burnted. Her(its) light высохли from dehydration, not got gulp of water, from crackinged beautiful lips was smoked blood.
Slowly lowerring on lap and falling, she has was able once again to send weaken smile after carried away by current yard to boat with small future певуньей - Bardoy. And carried away VWXbe drafty millenniums for today живущих rescued by her word and image him(it).
Not only in rafts essence human. Unmeasured greater and significant - an unencountered feeling, longings, sensations only are partly displayed in material, as in mirror.
Devochka Bard became the girl, afterwards woman and mother. She is a vein on the Land and sang. Her(its) canto presented only light emotions to people, as Ray всеисцеляющий, helped they disperse пасмурность Showers. Many worldly adversities and deprivations tried загасить source this Luchika. Unencountered dark power tried to steal to him, but could not преодолеть only challenge - costing on trope.
The Essence human not in rafts, Vladimir. Obeskrovlennoe body of the Bard has sent in eternity smile light his(its) Showers, displaying Light to invisible essence human.
And burned;burnt light young full-grown, holding меч, was smoked blood from трещинок of her(its) lips, caught brighten smile of the Bard...

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The People muddle the notions a Love and Joy. The Love can be to избраннице, избраннику and only. But here is World it is necessary to present the Joy. The Joy - an action, motion, cocreative activity with the World and God. But Love - a merging, dissolution and creation. Love Loved and present the Joy a World! The Yahoo! OKo.

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