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We Invite to visit the dolimens under the direction of experienced local conductor and guide. As well as program 7 days Solnceva Alexander Vasilievicha (the trips and starting-up seminars). Possible residence in comfortable cottage (see: Shepsi), in hotel (in winter), in tent (summer). Write:

What work with Dolimens.
Living in deep antiquity on the Land people of firstheadwaters possessed the greater ability: they could is required to use whole information database, filling Vselennuyu, created by Great Intellect - a God.
10 thousand years back, foresee move to histories of the Land, not lost ability to use the wisdom Vselennoy, people started to build Dolimeny. They left in them to die alive, left in eternal meditation, creating for descendant possibility to return power an firstheadwaters.
Each Dolimen, also, either as person, the individual. Their vibrations, on copies even or photographies, create and actuate the field, helping person to find output from different situation, understand the reason of the present-day failures, diseases, become the more wise, find its way to Divine Harmony.
You will Choose time in current of the day, when You may spare itself 20 - 30 minutes. Better if this will be a morning, right after awakening to create the mindset for the whole day, or evening, when possible think, comprehend occurring, will dream about tomorrow day.
Consider the copies or photographies Dolimenov. You will Choose one.
Define exactly problem, purpose, question the most important for You in this moment that You want to know, about than ask Dolimen. Define that You want to change in itself, in its lifes.
With Spirit Dolimena.
Close the eye, mentally present the image chosen Dolimena, and, holding inwardly silence, not distracting on stranger of the thoughts, assign of interest You question, ask Dolimen to help You in his decision. (15-20 mines).
The having Assigned question, see here answer in itself. He can be shown absurd or immediately notice You, but he without fall will. The Answer better to write to think afterwards over him, understand, realize.
Having Finished work, thank Dolimen, bid farewell with him.
One essential condition of the work with Dolimenami - a purity помыслов. The Light feeling must without fall increase.
The Whole You good, want the success.

Dolimens beside yard Zhane.

Dolimens in facilities of Bambakov.

These photo are made by author of the site at September of this year. On them is well seen vaporous phosphorescence at contact with dolimen. The Spirit one dolimen much asked to write on put about that that without permit of the spirit dolimen it is impossible publish information given by him. This leads to unpredictable consequence. And people enterring so irresponsible!

Extraction from Book 2. by V.Megre. The Ringing Cedars of Russia.
"…In those far-off times a few people were still left who had free access to wisdom of the Universe. They hoped that when mankind reached the point that the polluted air made it difficult to breathe and the water became dangerous to drink, and all its artificially created life-support systems - technological and social - proved themselves too awkward and more and more often only led to disastrous imbalances, mankind would start having second thought.
"People standing on the edge of an abyss will start thinking about what being is all about, they will start pondering the meaning of their existence and purpose. Then many of them will desire to understand the truth of their pristine origins, and this is possible - but only under the absolute condition that the abilities inherent in Man's pristine origins be restored.
"Few of the people who lived ten thousand years ago still possessed these abilities. It was basically those heading up social groups, leaders of tribes. They began - or rather at their behest people began - to construct special facilities made of heavy stone slabs. These enclosed the interior chamber about one-and-a-half by two meters in area and two meters in height - sometimes more, sometimes less. The slabs were placed at a slight angle, leaning toward the centre at the top. Occasionally these chambers would be hewn out of a single monolith. Other chambers might be hidden underground and covered over by mounds of earth. On one of the walls of the chamber a cone-shaped opening was cut into the slab, approximately thirty centimeters in diameter and covered with a specially fitted stone plug.
"Into this tomb-chambers would go people who had not lost the ability to communicate with the wisdom of the Universe. Those still alive and even those who might be born thousands of years hence would be able to go to them and obtain answers to any questions that were of interest to man. This required sitting beside the chamber and meditating. Sometimes the answer would come right away, sometimes after a delay, but it would definitely come, since these structure and those that retreated into them served as an information receiver. Through them it was easier to communicate with the Great Intelligence of the Universe.
"Those stone structures are the prototypes of Egyptian pyramids... Only the pyramids don't constitute nearly as powerful a receiver even so they are greater in size. … Immeasurably greater significance than the pyramids in terms of contact with the Mind of the Universe were the smaller stone structures which preceded them.
Why, Anastasia" I asked. "Because of the way they were constructed, their shape?"
"Because, Vladimir, living people retreated there to die. And their death was a most unusual one. They went into eternal meditation."
What do you mean, living people? What for?
"To create for their descendants the possibility of bringing back the power of their pristine origins. An elderly person - as rule, one of the wiser leaders or founders of a tribe, sencing his end was near, would ask his relatives and family to place him in a stone chamber. If he were considered worthy they would grant his request.
"They would push away the heavy massive slab covering the top of the chamber. He would go into the stone chamber and the slab would be pushed back into place.
Inside, the man would be completely isolated from the external material world. His eyes would see nothing, his ears would hear nothing. Such complete isolation, the impossibility to of even entertaining a thought about going back, but not yet having crossed into the next world, the deactivation of the usual organs of feelings, sight and hearing, would open up the opportunity for full communication with the Mind of the Universe and the comprehension of many phenomena as well as of many of the actions of Earth-dwellers. Most important of all, they would be able to subsequently transmit what they had discovered to those still alive as well as to succeeding generations. Today you would call an approximation of such state of mind meditation. But that is merely child's play in comparison with meditation in eternity.
"Afterward, people would come to this stone chamber, pull out the plug covering the opening, and begin thinking, mentally consulting with the thoughts lingering in the chamber. The spirit of wisdom was always there…
"But, Anastasia, by what means can you prove the existence of such structures to those of us living today, let alone the fact that people went into them for eternal meditation?"
"I can! That is why I am telling you."
"Then how?"
"It is very simple. After all, these chambers made of stone - they still exist today. Today you call them dolmens. You can se them, and touch them. And you can verify everything I have told you."
"What???" Where? Can you pinpoint their location?"
Yes, I can. In Russia, for example, in the Caucasus mountains, not far from the cities you now call Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Novorossiysk and Sochi."

Upstairs... Write:

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