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The Program "Seven days".
At seven days or seven periods God created the world. Seven days wholly it is enough to completely change its life. Do its such, what you should like to its see. And even if you come short these days, that way, which you will do at seven-day period, will certainly bring about delivered to task.
Preparation is necessary to realize after you answer several questions and hereon do not change its decisions and relations to liing ahead functioning. The Question first: why you this it is necessary?
But really, why? The Life and so moves without person effort with your sides. And even if at one time you tried something change in its fate, that your attempts brought the малоудовлетворительные results. All global change do the global people, having power, knowledges, power, money. Beside you all this there is in limited amount, and something change in its fate you will be able, only got fat these accumulations. Ready that question, which you want to assign some дольмену? Possible, answer long ago known and you long ago know that necessary to change in its lifes, but you not to want, no time. The Question second: ready you to liing ahead functioning? Beside you after all so little time, knowledges, health. You already much (or little) of the years, you do not let the circumstance, duties. Beside you other worldoutlook. Possible, you will be able to obtain the purposes by other way or will do this some other time? The Question third: although you and want, but after all can not? If you did not disturb in your surges and if have in time directed on necessary way, that you were presently already much far. But this has not occurred. You and presently more disturb, than help. Possible, in established situation for you for the best to spend power, time and facility on searching for of protection. Possible, you better cost(stand) to renew the rows a fighter with evil spirits, looking for and creating manifestations this uncleanly beside oneself? The Fighter recognized power and victory of dark power, started world on fatal, технократическому of the way? The Ithaca, you have answered all questions and all have came to a conclusion go to дольменам. If this has occurred, congratulate you. You have already begun the contact. Now you there is learn to work... with itself.
The Exercise 1. The Concentration to thoughts on one object and deduction her(it). Performing the exercise. Choose some subject. Consider him(it) and constantly answer (with their own accompaniments) on questions: what is it? as it is made? why appeared and exists? The Answers to questions during occupation search for in its memories. If question has interested you and he interesting outside of occupation, почерпните information from surrounding you sources (the books, Internet, other authoritative in this area sources). The Exercise follows to execute daily from five minutes before hour (depending on volume of free time).
The Exercise 2. Any physical exercises, which you know from any available system.
This can be a traditional matutinal atheletics, exercises from yoga t. d. The Essential condition - work out its complex of the physical exercises, which you not only should like to, but also executed each day not therefore that so it is necessary, but therefore that you to want their do. The Result is from execution of these exercises necessary to see not in the future, but in present-day day. See your physical body in positive manifestations condition.
Length of the performing the exercise free, but not less five minutes. These two exercises are binding on daily occupation at period of preparation. Their possible increase and дополнить any other known and comprehensible you exercises. Well if in this period you understand, profeel and take the soul that whole World is created only for you, but you exist only from that that are created for the whole and all, residing in this World. That main law personalities of the person states: manifesting themselves in surrounding you world and accepting it in thought, word and deal, will not enter and do not fall into dependency. That World, in which we live, before гениальности forgive;pardon, and complicate we its only their own conjectures. That in the World does not exist power, capable to withstand the will of the person. Howsoever was identified this withstanding power - gene heredity, karma, fate, - all this only justifications of the person, not wanting participate in building of its lifes, or its awe before responsibility for its fate, responsiblity, which first or last all come load on their own shoulder. The Period of preparation define themselves. Possible, this will be one or several days, possible, several years. Possible,you want on place, before trip else, perfect the program "Seven days" - will vastly help in the main functioning on дольменах. Well if questions "is appeared at period of preparation as", "why" and you begin;start;commence search for the answer to them. Put harden task - for what you go to дольмену. Install the standard of judgement at subconduct result functioning. Prepare surrounding you people to that that ten-twelve days you possible to find only in case of emergency and in worker situation him to come to understand by itself. Leave the building or place in distant corner of the valise mobile telephone and... in way. Never mind, what time of the year you have chosen for functioning. Each month has their own pluses and minuses. In resort season - a warm sea and air, generous sun, abudance fresh local fruit, but crowded quays, beaches and crowd sightseer beside dolimens. In spring-winter period - an absence disturbing and irritating factor on the part of reposing, but necessary to store the warm cloth and at bathing to exercise caution. Well (but not without fall) if functioning will be conducted at your birth day - important and significant day in lifes of the person.
The Ithaca having stopped on residence in hotel, hotel or private sector, first of all, make walk on city. Three-five days you will need for adaptation. In this period necessary to keep the order of the day. Get up in operation necessary at dawn, long before sunrise. Examine the dolimens, heed to itself and define that dolimen, near which you will work seven days.
The Groups work in three places: 1. Peasant-farming facilities "Dolimen". On its territory are found four dolimen, lake, river. The most suitable and the most well-disposed (on the part of masters) place. The Leader facilities Bombakov Sergey Stanislavovich is one of the developer of the program "Seven days". Exactly in result of the functioning this facilities most mark of the manifestation of the contact and help dolimens.

2. Dolimeny on river to Wife. In kilometer from dolimens is found cascade from three waterfalls, multiple burial mounds.

3. Dolimens on grief Neksis. Two dolimens are found In depression of the two-headed mountain. Beautiful panorama epidemic deathes and mountain mouting pass is opened With tops.

The Ithaca you ready to functioning. It Is Chose the most suitable, comfort place for this functioning. It Is Determined dolimen, with which you want to communicate. Will Prepared general copy-book, album for drawing, pencils colour or paints, photodevice, suitable cloth, footwear, bathing suit. You already three-five days do not overstack organism, eating basically bread, spring water, fresh vegetable and fruit. You already three-five days not drinked alcohol drink, do not smoke. Arrived with you close people ready to that that during seed of the days you will quite not before them. You ready to regeneration, to that that in seven days is changed people around you, will change the world. Tomorrow you proceed the program "Seven days" with performing.
I specially do not enter your each day and hour. This you should do by itself. Remember about the main to task, which stands before you: in operation you and only you capable to execute that you want, rather then can do. For this period you there is, remained former, change its consciousness and its attitude to itself, to surrounding you world, to past and future. See the world other eye. The Eye of the Creator of this world with tops evolution way. See main its consciousnesses and desires, importance your action in event, which occur around you. You there is not simply undertake the blame and responsiblity, joy for ALL your deal and action, disease and victories, burdens and gift of the fate. You there is explain itself that this is not a cross, which you are obliged to carry, but necessary condition for the further action!
You should completely cure in this period its physical body, dispose of destroying personality of the dependencies. You necessary to manifest themselves personality, whose creative activity necessary and interesting surrounding. You should answer itself, for what you came up for this world, as he is made and what place in this device отведено you.
As this do? Only one way. The Method of the holistic functioning on these and the other questions. And else remember that on many questions you already long ago work at subconscious level. Find out them on conscious plan, and result will immediately tell.
Good luck you and new opening! Solncev A.V.

About than speak the dolimens.
The Ithaca that, this for mysterious buildings, left distant limit? About than they capable to announce the people of the present-day day? What unknown us information is kept in crystal these megalitho? And main question, which worries the many people, arrived to that or other dolimen: "What get the answer to that question, which has brought me to you?". The First experience, experience of the other people and groups, analysis all the manner of technician, methodses, facilities, which were used for reception of the result, allows to do single generalising output: contact with dolimen individual, and single faithfull and available all methodses of the contact with him for present-day day does not exist. No and negative result from contact and studies dolimens. This is one of their phenomenon. Each, received to дольмену, without fall finds the answer and explanation that, with than he came. The Scientist, looking for acknowledgement to hypothesis about dolimens as about places burial vault, find remains of the people in them. Working on hypothesis about that that dolimens were shown by ritual places, find the multiple subjects, speaking of that that these place really were visit to many people. Eduschie to dolimens for opening of their own creative abilities begin to write the pictures, poetry, compose and sing the canto. The Interested persons to get curing from diseases - curing. Strazhduschie knowledges - get them. All this occurs, but occurs only under one condition: obligatory personal participation in reception of the result. That is to say if you came for the reason understand, as it was built dolimen, - that gets acquainted at least with base construction. If came with desire to reveal their own creative abilities - an take sheet of paper and pencil or guitar. Want the knowledges - find time for cogitations, learn to direct and hold the thought on necessary you object of the study. Want curing - begin by itself to take care of its tele and flood plains that disease - not punishment, but one of the ways of the care and improvements of the physical body, fortification that its area, which is the most weak. And if speak of some system in contact with дольменами, that possible speaks only of its experience, about its method, about its got information or result.

Solncev A.V.

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