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Doll-keep from flax


The Traditions and быт russian folk.

Wanted tell about that, as else most recently veins simple russian people, what knew how they make its house, in which was a heat, peacefully and cosily since all were made in accordance with ancient tradition, sent our limit from hands in hands not one millennium. All in house must was be comfortable, nothing spare, beautifully, otherwise russian person simply did not present its lifes, safely - in all that there is in house, mortgaged complex system оберегов since each subject must not only serve the person, but also оберегать him(it) through expressed symbols from influence of all hostile power of the external world. On ancient presentations life, the love, wellfare to people gave the Sun, but Death and other dark power were afraid not only solar лучей, but even his(its) scenes. So, first of all солярные signs - a scenes Sun - a circle, square, direct and sidelong cross had power оберега - an оберегали of the people and their house. Their possible find in many traditional thing: beside braided basket - round донышко and cruciform fastening the handle, carved registration medicine to be taken externally sewer of the building and wooden dishes without fall have an обереговые signs, and particularly much them in traditional russian textiles. The Embroidery towel was executed red thread (colour appeared later), but red colour - a colour Sun. The Drawings of the old-time embroideries (not iron;press;pet 20 ages) - a book, written by ancient language of the graphics. Specifically carefully decorated the suit, the most undefended places of the body of the person were closed by embroidery or red insertion - a winch and clasp, shoulder, edge of the sleeve, lap. The Obligatory element of the suit and main оберегом was a belt. The Patchwork quilt оберегает the sleeping person at the most dangerous time - in the night, often blanket mother prepared in dowry дочери on happiness young so the form shred, drawing of their join and stitch often presented itself complex entanglement ancient symbolic v/iacitoc milliyl, шдошму company лискуткив, рисуник their join and stitch often presented itself complex entanglement of the ancient symbolic scenes. And beside детей were a toys - обереги. The Braided rattles and patchwork "thundering" balls - a rustle семян обрядовых of the plants scared away all dark and terrible, with the same purpose and clay toys were without fall whistle. The Russian doll was traditionally done without person. Certainly, were beside child and dolls with вышитыми or drawn persons, but amongst them faceless was present without fall since it was considered that if beside dolls is not expressed person, that such doll was provided with by power оберега, child plays with doll, but doll his(its) оберегает. But straw cockle, лыка, linen tow could simply keep in house, and then they оберегали whole house and family.

Marina Ignatkina.

Russian not traditional doll "Barbi"


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