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The Towels.

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The Russian towel.

The Towel occupy the special place in russian culture, without they did not dispense nor one important event to human life. On towel took newborn, on towel accompanied the person in the last way. In приданом of the girl particularly much must was be a towel, upon their quality often and amount judged about her(its) skill and достатке. On будням in each house hunged the towel beside washstand and, the most beautiful, on icon, but later and on frame with household photography. А on holidays on wall was weighed out ensemble towel with complex old-time embroidery and lace. The Towel presented collections вышиты one of the the most ancient russian counting швов - a painting or letter. This double-sided seam - with person and undersides pattern absolutely одинаков that intensifies his(its) обереговую power. The Name of the seam explains that these embroideries not pictures, but book, where special древнейшим language symbol recorded сакральные of the knowledge of our folk. Each towel is read in one's own way and has its purpose, but all of these carry the solar energy to joys, happiness good, любви and wellfares.

Marina Ignatkina.

The Russian patchwork quilt.

The Russian patchwork quilt - not at all "art from poverty", as sometimes happen to to hear at our days. For russian person each patchwork fabrics and home linen, and factory calico was priceless and beautiful first of all embedded in it labour ensemble human hands. Loskutki landlady collected, but afterwards awls of them, often manually, ватное quilt, but not thoughtless, but carefully, not hurrying, selecting hundreds shred on colour, drawing, invoice fabrics. The Present russian blanket has nothing in common with квилтом and печворком, in them no nor bright, yelling, cutting eye colour, nor cool and dry mirror symmetry. But their always want though- touch they soft and warm, are beautifully inserted in any interior since they are created on law traditional russian art in accordance with russian understanding the beauty. It is impossible visualize the present russian house without doormat home ткачества. On ручном weaver's figure from shred russian women(woman)s wove most different doormats, from simple in strip before very complex on color gamut and compositions multishuttle ткачества. All of these calm, strict, saturated on colour harmonize the space, do the house an теплее and уютнее. And therefore no wonder that today, at the beginning initially 21 ages people newly strerched hereto type traditional russian art.

Marina Ignatkina.


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