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Ecological journeys.

Invite in ecological journeys on Krasnodarskomu Krayu (the sea, mountains, waterfalls, springs, medical clay, dolimens). The Degree to preparednesses does not matter. The Residence in tent or мини-гостицах possible. If You do not allow the circumstance to pass with us whole our route, each seven days You may to we are joined, having sent SMS message on our mobile telephone.
The Approximite route on days:

1 day - a train Moscow - Novorossiysk

2 days - Novorossiysk - Mountain - a seminar Lermontova (at will)

3 days - a Rebirth - tents camp on dolimens

4 days - a Waterfalls on river Zhane

5 days - Pshada - an dolimens around river Pshada

6 days - Dzhanhot - tents camp on sea

7 days - Dzhanhot - mountain "Sail"

8 days - Pshada - an dolimens on grief Cygankova

9 days - a farm "Dolimen"

10 days - a School of Schetinin

11 days - Dolimens on grief Neksis

12 days - Gelenzhik - a sea

13 days - Lazarevskoe - an Aul Kalezh - tents camp in city of dolimens

14 days - a Cave Tahira

15 days - a Temple Sun

16 days - a Waterfalls on river Pseushko

17 days - Eysk - large cossack villages

18 days - large cossack villages - Hanskoe lake - a dirt

19 days - Azovskiy natural game reserve

20 days - Eysk and train on Moscow

21 days - a train Eysk - Moscow.
We Eat the grant of the nature and fruit of the works of the local population. Meal with itself not to take! Only money. For maximum lightness of the displacement advisable not to take the rucksack more, than school. In him: light small спальник, one 2-3 local tents on accordingly 4-5 persons (on event дождя, on desire jv "under star"), one (!) change the linen, spoon, mug, knife, matches, one towel. The Weight of the rucksack must not exceed 5-6 kgs.
The Cost of the aurochs 600 USD for three weeks.

For one, wants simply comfort repose, possible accomodation in quotient to hotel in Gelenzhik, Shepsi and others. You may seasonly join to expeditions, but can simply go on excursions to dolimens together with us.

The Endurances from march participant diary book:
1-y day of our march.
Have Arrived in camp on Rebirth.
I in the first has once seen dolimen. Produces an impression what-that ancient and powerful, immediately becalms to thoughts and pacifies.

2 days. Awoke with dawning and will go to bathe in waterfall. Went slowly since barefoot. The People go on meeting on trope, without fall want to each other health, all very calm and well-disposed. Bathe with morning in waterfall - an enormous pleasure. Water in chalice under waterfall blue, clean, folk nobody, only birds sing, yes lizards rustle in herb.
Daytime went on riverbed yard on distant waterfall. Bathed on road in all chalice. Have Tired to go on wet stone. But beautifully much. Particularly green, on which flows down water of the spring.

3 days. With morning of the saw tea from rubbed with honey on apiary straight, afterwards went in village of dolimens.
Have Daytime solved to move the camp seaward, have gone to Divnomorsk. Have Bought on the market vegetables and fruit and will go on coast in quest of stop for camp. Transition was complex. But platform, which we have found cost that. On grief, amongst pine, adown sea. At night whole mountain was dotted firefly, as it is woke;waked we on concerto, but public to in tact tunes lights in common-room lights. As a result we запели beside campfires.
Never thought that simply porridge, with mask simply, can be such tasty.

4 days. The Whole day reposed, bathed the nacked in the most clean water, tanned, saw the dolphin. Doshli before village Dzhanhot, were withdrewed on mountain and have seen, Sail. Today day of protection детей, happened to to feed the icecream.

5 days. The Weather spoiled, happened to to move on Rebirth back. On apiary holiday - has arrived destuffy - a veteran of the war - a chapter of the sort - us have asked to do the picture on memory. The Daughter rode on horse.

6 days. Awoke under loud chant bard. When you wake the beautiful strong voice of the cantoes "Sun rise..." - a charge of the good mood and vigour for the whole day is provided.
Here so much living not afraid animals: thrush comes to supper eat porridge, tomtits on apiary eat with hands, scurry brown with round ear mouse, lizards see-invisible, hedgehogs come for forgotten by meal. On road to spring under legs has darted out the marten with mouse in teeth, was lost as I have seen, for second has even frozen (gave itself to consider) and has doved in bushes again.
Daytime went in farm of Bambakov.

7 days. Have Gone to Tekos, in school Schetinina. Sound, beautifully, but the main all are created hand of childrens.

Washed the blue clay in river. No need of no shampooes, head clean. In head as it is woke;waked светлее became. Else mask to itself from clay has done.

8 days. The Whole day has conducted in Pshade in city dolimens. Here near dolimens appear the strong light feeling, is woke; waked are cleaned inwardly. In generic fetter of the Land of the Mother (two small caves, much look like feminine belly, where grows the infant) appeared the strong feeling to joys. In road while went on wood, I did not want to talk, was not a thoughts, but itself itself dared the questions, on which fought for a long time. Here is so have taken and themselves dared, simply understandable became, as it is necessary to enter that to say.

9 days. A Part of group has made the day of the rest, but we with Viktorom will go once again on distant waterfall.
The jasmine becommed flabby For week, wild rose, beginning to bloom lime. All this grows straight on. Around beauty and very tasty scents. А beside beekeeper cactuses on flowerbed grow.

10 days. Two weddings saw On spring Natasha immediately.

11 days. The Moving in adygei village Kalezh under Lazarevskim. Have Tried local fried cheese, chestnut honey and lung blackberry wine. The Taste unearthly. Went on local waterfalls. Have Stood by turns under powerful flow. The Sensations above the average. They Were Expiated in deep chalice in river.

12 days. The Camp our is located in abandoned to apple orchards. With morning наелись the strawberries, have taken the mushroom. Tea from apples. The Glade, where we stand very light, here so well, with joy. Later I have heard that on legend on she was conducted general holidays, see this spirit remained. At night children suddenly have itself solved to sing the canto beside campfires, yes so gambolled, we their ate becalmed. They this atmosphere, probably feel the сильнее. Have Rescued all together on dolimen.

13 days. Went on excursion in small cave, even sailled on boat inwardly. On ceiling hung the bats, but on wall enormous midges. At night on head bat fly. The Children confirm that saw daytime ursa with small ursas, truth with white strip on nose. Probably this even so was a racoons.

14-15 days. Moved seaward, then in city Seaside-Ahtarsk. Went through Krasnodar, there very cheap and tasty patty and coffee. Went the hours 7, but road was not shown long, see, much impressions are received and him it is necessary was be recooked.

16 days. Big transition to Hanskim lake. On sandy scythe on coast Azov. The Children whole road collected the seashells, beautiful small stone, some small fish (that acne, that fish needle). The Camp has got up straight near crossing in very beautiful place. This edge rich on beautiful places. In small salty озерках packed frog. Grabbed pace their collect. With sunset have swooped become dragonflies hunt on midge. Feast on the dragonfly ed the birds.

17 days. Perepravilisi in казачью large cossack village and the whole day tanned on beach and walked on large cossack village. The Small streets clean. On street grows the cherry, mulberry, грецкий nut. Folk calm and well-disposed. Will Sell very tasty not filtered alive beer. On taste soft-soft. Everywhere stands very pleasing scent, particularly from flowering tree at night, colour and rubbed.

18 days. The Moving in Eysk, but then in large cossack village.

18-19 days. We Bathe, tan. The Cherry do not buy - go that, which grows on street. The Mulberry two types beside us straight for tent, on beach, coffee пьем in much beautifully executed cafe "Admiral". Not life, but raspberry. The Whole much, tasty and cheaply. Beside remarkable stud farm. The Beautiful horses.

20 days. Leave not to want. Here is furlough was whole life.

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