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The Moscow club acquaintance conducts the joint marches in bath! The Herbs, besoms, massage, diagnostics, adviseable drink and meal. All, to whom this interesting, write:

The Idea!

For spreading идей about экопоселениях offer: organize within the framework of club acquaintance alloy on raft or kayak, or the other плавсредствах on such river as Volga, Lena, Obi and others. On route of the motion to provide change the crews raft. In all large populated points to emerge with cycle lecture about экопоселениях, generic manor, new husbandry, new мирровозрении and etc. To action to attract the different ecological organizations, exploratory centres and others. All, to whom this interesting,

From 6 books V.MEGRE "Generic book": Question Megre to 5 years son: - Volodya, you, when will grow, what deal or occupation for itself will consider the main?
- A Ma Anastasiya spoke me. The most first important, when grow I necessary to do lucky one girl-universe.
- Who? What this Vselennuyu or girl?
- Each
girl, living on the Land, - a resemblance universe. I first this did not understand. Afterwards read, read the book and has understood. Each girl looks like universe. In each girl there is all energy ecumenical. Devochki-вселенные must be lucky. And I one of them must without fall do lucky.

One, can do "girls-womans-grandmother-universe" lucky - are called back!

From book 4 V.MEGRE "Creation": - Vladimir, circumstance modern bur marigold on kitchen each day to stand the goddess terrestrial and forces. You confirmed that I look like beast that my life primitiv, but civilized only that, in which you live. So why women in civilizations your part to lifes in kitchen close-fitting live? The Floor have to wash, from shop of gravity to carry? Boast you civilization its, but why so much dirts in her? And why goddess the most beautiful terrestrial in charwomans transform their own?
- Yes where you saw the charwoman - a goddess? One, what-that stands, on contest shine the beauties and drown in luxury, on them to marry all want. But only for rich they leave married. But ugly miscellaneouses and poor do not need.
- There is beauty its Beside each woman. Not any is once given only her to open. That beauty great, as waistline, to example, measure it is impossible. The Length of the leg, size bosom, colour eye herewith not important. She beside women inwardly, and in young
girl, and in aged lady.
- Well yes, and in aged lady. Yes you about old woman olds tell; narrate else! They, that, too beautiful goddesses?
- In one's own way beautiful and they. And in spite of turn of the worldly humiliations, break ensemble fates, any woman, who grandmothers started to call, once upon a time in the morning can realize, awake with sunrise, on grow
pass, ray realized sunrise to smile, and then...
- And that then?
- Suddenly love itself anyone will force. Itself loved will, and he will return the heat its love.
- To whom him?
- That, single its, which in her goddess realizes.
- Such does not can be.
- Can be. You are a demand beside elderly. Will Hear, ardent novel how much can be and beside them.
- And you certain that women capable world to change?
-Capable! Capable no doubt, Vladimir. The Priorities having changed its love, they creating God made, is returned land beautiful primordial type, the whole land will transform in flowering garden of the Divine daydream. They - an
creating of the God! The Beautiful goddesses of the divine land!

The Marks on floor:

The Modern men why-that wants to make happy the minimum whole world... The Muzhiks! Begin with their own close!

The Marks on floor:

The People muddle the notions a Love and Joy. The Love can be to elected and only. But here is World it is necessary to present the Joy. The Joy - an action, motion, cocreative activity with the World and God. But Love - a merging, dissolution and creation. Love Loved and present the Joy a World! Yra!



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