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The Nursery studio "Merry toy".

Here work childrens is presented from 4 before 9 years. We Offer tutoring for childrens from 4 years. As well as offer the quotient of the occupation in small group and for childrens individually and adult on the following directions: hospitable person, birch bark, thread on tree. Write:

1.Vase (5 years) 2.Flower (9 years) 3.Hedgehog (5 years)
4.Kolobok (4 years) 5.Doll (6 years) 6.Mouse (8 years)
7.Firebird (6 years) 8.Penguin (7 years)
9.Birdie (8 years) 10.Hare (4 years)
11.Mouse (5 years) 12.Flowerses (9 years)


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