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Russian suit.

The Russian suit.

Olden days on that, as was dress;clad person, possible was faultless define, whence he by birth. Each губерния Russia had its special suit, not to look like others, but in ditto time in he without fall was present the общерусские of the line. The Feminine suit was two types - поневный and сарафанный complexes, base both type formed the shirt. The Suit Kurskoy pledge. - black косоклинный peasant woman's dress and white sleeve complex invoiced ткачества. In this kit entered also apron and headdress. The Men carried the shirts direct cover white with embroidery or пестрядинные. The Baby suits were different - from shirt idle time and beside boy, and beside девочки before complex full suit, repeating in miniature adult kit. The узорные of the mitten and hose around the world knitted;knit In north region. The Geometric ornament has a general root with узорным ткачеством and embroidery and ditto semantic обереговое importance. The Simple russian women(woman)s and in city, and in village by means of cohockey stick and вязального of the hook created the famous russian lace - a fine graceful products, for fabrication which requires not only present skill, but also developed artistic taste. The Lace used for registration towel, подзоров, wedding простыней, baby linen and cloths, comprised of suit.


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