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Powder of Avicena.

This powder was anew open by physicist, biologist, associate member to International Academy Physician-Technical Sciences Elena Borisovna Aleksa. She finished the Turkmen State university, Simferopoliskiy state university, public institute medicinal rubbed. Has Studied the east system needleprick and "miraculous points on ears". Created the school on education adjust itself by method to conscious will. She was organized expeditions on territory Turkmenistan and FAR EAST for the reason studies characteristic powder Aviceny. The Recipe of powder is mentionned in ancient jewish, chinese, indian literature and ancient manuscript. The Action of powder promotes the escalated unset of the negative accumulations in tele, he removes the pain, stops the inflammatory processes, cleans the systems "in" in organism. Regular using of powder Avicenny allows to use the hidden reserves of the organism, possible long time to dispense with foods.

ALEKSA "Flower of Turkmeniya"

E.ALEKSA "Eternity"

The Ecological marches.
The Ecological marches at present use emphases. This it is enough idle time way to set in order its body and phyche. These marches - an idle time way to dispose of ensemble of the unhealthy phenomenas in our organism. They do not require the greater expenseses to energy and not very long-lasting - a striking results are reached for fortnight literally. The Diseases to contemporaneity - a diseases showers, which lead to breaches in tele. This so named karmas of the change to tele, caused by accumulation of the emotional sufferingses. From these contamination necessary to dispose through active reinforcement of the radiations of the body. The System of the ecological march is designed on base sanitary principle Avicenny. Long circulation without person of the physical load leads to positive changes to organism for very short time. Herewith, there is broad possibility to use the medical herbs, as well as powder most Avicenny. Powder Avicenny each can prepare by itself. Possible adjust the composition of powder, broadly using local medical herbs. The Preparation of powder does not require the person an effort. This powder possible to take inside or use outside. Under slow long circulation on we become cool the air is actuated presenting to energy in body. Herewith occurs the reinforcement a metabolism with surrounding ambience. Accordingly surge slag through skin increases in several thousand once. And this incomparably more, than at massage or in bath.

Some are a given march from past (all participants the diary books and were most miscellaneous of the age).
L. (70 years). The Workman far eastern steamship line. Bald. The Chronic disease bilious bubble, depression. After march - was restored activity bilious bubble. Disappeared depression. The General increasing of the life tone, became the politicians.
N. (17 years) - a sugar diabetes. The Signs of the sugar diabetes disappeared for year nearly.
Elena M. - мочеизнурение, depression, squeak in joint. After march мочеизнурение disappeared. It Was Restored correct metabolism - a joints ceased to squeak. Has Got fat - was too skinny, exhausted. The vision was Restored.
Andrey from Nefteyuganska (25лет) - bad voice, chronic disease joint legs, male weakness. It Was Restored normal physical activity, ed general metabolism, increased the general tone.
love;like From Ukraine (35 years) - breach of the menstrual cycle. After march normal activity feminine organ.
Natasha (35 years) - a cognitive march. After march general improvement to appearance. The Long effect of rejuvenate.
Lena (45 years) - a fullness, shortness of breath, depression, breach of the functionin the pancreas. Activity of the pancreas was Restored. The General improvement of the condition of the skin and functioning the belly. Disappeared the shortness of breath completely. Appeared the beautiful life tone.
The General condition all participant changed completely whole for fortnight of the march. Disappeared the negative line of the nature and general states. Correct metabolism was Restored. The vision and functioning the belly were Perfected. Disappeared some chronic diseases. The Effect from action of the method Avicenny was striking.

Elena Alexa.


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