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Ekoposeleniya Podmoskoviya.

Here reviews is presented about экопоселениях Podmoskoviya and nearest areas, as well as projects ing. On this settlings are conducted excursions, on road You will tell in detail about motion "Zvenyaschie cedars to Russia", new technology of the processing the land without plowing, cheap ecological construction of the houses, alternative энерго and теплоснабжении and multim other. The Many поселенцам does not like, when their disturb so before trip obligatory conversation.

Moscow area

Project "Mirodolie"
The Moscow area, Segievo- Posadskiy region, 68 km from MKAD on YAroslavskomu sh. The Price of the land - 1500 $/Ga, on the total lands + 12%. The Wood - a birches, ated, close r.The Thief, озерко. The Bus from station Hotikovo.
Nonprofit partnership природопользователей "Light"
The Moscow area, Sergievo-Posadskiy р-н, village Divovo вблизи Sergieva put;plant. 90 km from MKAD on YAroslavskomu freeway (approximately 10 km normal asphalted roads). The Price of the land - 2000 u.e./Га. The Settling is located on area 40 ga вблизи picturesque village, beside wood, not far pond and platform 90 km (approximately 3 km). The Organized землеустроительные of the work. LEP only in village, necessary work on subconduct. There is Charter partnership and Agreement. The target dues are Paid on construction of the road, accountant and others. The Land is ransomed in property Partnership - whole 40 ga. There are free area - whole 6,5 ga.
The Project "Ekoposelenie Lyubinka" Moscow area, Ozerskiy region.
The Planned form of the settling - агрохолдинг, where will match the different property category and interactions. The Combination approach communal, when people work report;inform;tell;say on concrete project in separate group, but earned facilities invest in public projects (the school, энергоустройства, хозпостройки and other.) and approach individual, when people has its hectare of the land and use him(it) at own discretion.
It Is Planned: communal territory: wood, ландшафтный game reserve (дендропарк), stream and her(its) водоохранная zone, ploughed fields for issue of the ecological net product. The Communal property: school, hotel, хозпостройки, энергоустановки, dwelling complex, built on facility workman communes report;inform;tell;say.
YAroslavskaya area Commonwealth generic lands "Blagodati"
YAroslavskaya area, d. Andreevskoe Pereelavli-Zalesskogo region, 170 km from MKAD on YAroslavskomu freeway or 120 km from YAroslavlya. The Price of the land - 400 $/Ga.
2 ponds + stream. 15 km before Plescheeva lake. The Field in 100 Ga for twitched.Andreevskoe. The Journey on machine before most field on good road all the year round (with the exclusion of the last 200 m). The Site: Boric - a demonstration zone энергоэффективного homebuilding YAroslavskaya pledge., Nekouzskiy р-он, p. Boric. Ashore Rybinskogo водохранилища, 15 km from station SHestihino (the North RAILWAY), 300 km from Moscow. The Village Boric small (beside 3000 persons), but in him are located two scientific institutions by WOUNDS - an Institute to Biologies of Internal Water and Geophisical Observatory. This is one of the russian наукоградов. Is it Not far away located the most largest in Europe месторождение turf. On base of the turf do the new building materials (силкар, geopunishments) for энергоэффективных экодомов, which and are built in демзоне. It Is Expected that this will "scientific" экопоселение, where people will be occupied more production to information, development ecological чистых technology, than material production. The Site: Vladimirskaya area Eco-village NATIVE to Twitched.Konyaevo (Sudogodskiy region Vladimirskoy area) Beside 30 km from Vladimira to south-orient (210 km from MKAD). The Price of the land - 20 thous.. rub/1 Ga - a money will go on infrastructure. The Big pond near by village, around though and not taiga, but decent wood. From Vladimira on маршрутке or regular bus on Goose-Crystal before stop "Iliino", there 5 kilometers on foot on asphalt aside Konyaevo. ATTENTION: there is other village Konyaevo Near by Vladimirom - do not get there by mistake - you it is necessary доехать before Iliino and only afterwards begin to ask about Konyaevo. In Konyaevo electricity there is, gas and telephone no, shop in Iliino (5 km).
There is two fields - 33 Ga and 81 Ga. The Registration of the land - on field 33 Ga - a lease with right of the following ransom (розданы already, free area no), on field 81 Ga - aquisition in property. The Plan following - a ransom beside local inhabitants certificate on земельные step necessary area (is made), and presenting the statement on allocation of the land in nature (refuse in allocation have a no right). The Free area there is. Wanting participate in our project first of all advise to go on place and be defined, his(its) this place and wants he lives exactly here. Summer заночевать possible in tent. The Site: Creation (the Project of the Fund "Anastasiya") Russia, g. Vladimir, Leninist region, village Lunevo. On town transport from town centre Vladimira possible to get for 20-25 minutes. The Building settling анастасийцев, interested persons to get on 1 ga land on family for making generic place, about which is written in book Vladimira Megre. It Is Chosen in long-term lease 80 ga land, there is else 600 ga for expansion. In p.Lunevo there is shop, the other objects of the social sphere. The Site: Ryazanskaya area Harmony NP Ryazanskaya area, Ryazanskiy р-н, 25 km from Ryazani on south-west. The Land is leased for 49 years, but through 2-3 her(its) plan to ransom. The Admission fee in Nonprofit partnership - 100 hack. + 2500 on registration of the land, design and geological work, communications. The Whole 75 Ga, occupied 10. There is boundary deal, result топосъемки.
Terrain холмистая, beems, river Pavlovka, beside big artificial lake. The Organizer Makanov Igori Alekseevich (the director com.firmy "Creative activity" on the building materials). The Club Harmony is going to each last thursday of the month in 18-00 in library DK Neftyanikov.

Tuliskaya area

Ekoposelenie Generic
Tuliskaya pledge., Leninist region and Dubenskiy region, Aleshinskiy rural county, with. Borschevka, with. Baboshino (the northwest) 1-e and 3-e field are located in Leninist region, 2-e field - in Dubenskom region Whole place 142 (three fields). From Thulium 35 km on Kaluzhskoy route, the bus Tula-Aleshnya-Merlinovka. The Whole 225,5 ga (of them 142 ga - a manors, between manor 6-ti metre roads, two roads by width 15 metres, stern lands). Zemelinye area on the lands сельхозназначения for conduct personal subsidiary facilities are ransomed in property. The Price of the land - 2500 hack., 500 hack. - a drawing up the documents, 4000 hack. - a registration, surveying, кадастровый plan, other expenses. Hiccupped on each family on 7 thous.. the roubles. The Pond, r. VWVget drunk;delight in;revel in In 5 km from edge of the settling, wood leafy and fur, creek Sand on краю the settlings. On field is stretched LEP local importance, each interested person has a possibility be connected. On field passes the gasmain (the place on him is started on road and лесополосу), possible stretch the gas at will.

The Project "Vedograd".

Sin Tuliskoy pledge. on territory 3-h брошенных derhubarb with the following possible joining of the field in 200 ga, residing presently in step former collective farmer. Beside stream and springs. The Land stands out for conduct personal subsidiary facilities and creation экопоселения within the framework of project of the rebirth russian derhubarb. The Documents while in work so close price to the land no. The long-term lease is Expected with right of the ransom after construction of the building and residence on favourable prices (beside 3000 hack. for hectare) plus help to administrations in construction of the local access road (that in interest colonizer themselves too).
Kaluzhskaya area

Ekoposelenie ARK (NP)
Kaluzhskaya area (the border with Moscow area), Maloyaroslaveckiy region, 130 km southward from Moscow (slightly more 2 hours from MKAD on Kiev/ Kaluzhskomu/ Varshavskomu freeway), 25 km from g.Maloyaroslavec. The Electric train from Kiev station goes 1ч.35мин.+35-40 minutes bus or passing. From
the stations approximately 20-25 km. From freeway approximately 10 km бетонки, pretty beaten. Beside 2-3 km necessary to provide in condition, suitable to journey in cheese weather (0,5 have already brought). When entering in nonprofit partnership donation: 1000 $ on drawing up the documents and total deals with possible consent in индивидуальнам order. The Land stands out the administration gratis, but money go on construction of the roads (access and internal), public buildings and other. The Decisions on that or other expenses are taken collective. 79 uchastkov+obschaya territory. There is total house and 3 quotients, lead work on development, is executed much documents, there is corresponding to resolutions of the local administrations.
Terrain picturesque, land - a loam (fertile - 5 years were not plowed and was selffertilized
the травным перегноем). Two yards - small in 0,5 km. and big in 4 km. Bathe possible in both river and both pond (the большом total and small personal). With two sides wood, the springs. The Wood thick. The Strawberry, nuts, mushrooms in plenty. LEP 10 sq on distance around 1 km there is generators before the centre village +.
Nonprofit Partnership "ARK" is registered In Maloyaroslavce with the main by authorized purpose - an organization экопоселения. The Decision on allocation земельного area (100 ga) there is (the resolution from 12.11.2001.). The Designed project of the settling. The Documents are found on co-ordination. Zemelinyy area (100 ga) stands out in the manner of long-term lease on "ARK", is hereinafter divided on manors and is distributed between his(its) member. On modern law will possible privatize on 15 cocurrent, further - what will solve the common meeting. Much it is important that land stands out goal-directed under экопоселение i.e. on area possible to create the Generic Manor and register.
Site of the Ark Ekoposelenie "Sprout"
The Area is located in 180 kilometers from Moscow on territory Kaluzhskoy area in ecological net region. There is 180 ga lands, chosen for сельхоздеятельности (40 ga in property and 120 ga lease 99 years). The Power supply autonomous. There is technology for processing the land, 1,5 ga garden and nursery. We Plan making the apiary and прудового facilities. There is pedagogical program - a winner of the contest of the author's schools Gosobrazovaniya USSR, author D.A. Lebedev, is published in "Teacher's newspaper" (1987). We Search for the единомышленников of the different professions for making эколоселения with educational program.
The Project "Noble" (former "Svarozhie") Kaluzhskaya area, Kirovskiy region.
The Administration of the area, r-na and village soviet promises the help and support. On border of the selected lands there is вымирающая hamlet, with several oldsters. There is building In this hamlet on sale, for one, will want. To she approaches rather good грунтовая bulk road, there is electricity in village. The Village cost(stand)s on merging two родниковых rebaby pig. On the one hand, in three kilometers from village passes zh.d. and autoroad, but on the other hand in one kilometer - a autoroad. Motion on zh.d. and autoroad very rare. Further field of the former collective farm are situated from roads, which for present-day day are found in "step" former collective farmer. The Proposed lands are found between two родниковых rebaby pig, which do not freeze in winter and do not dry up summer. Vblizi this hamlets there are springs. Around the lands - a wood. The Splendid mixed wood, where yore local inhabitants collected for itself and on sale mushrooms and berries. Much flowering limes, fruit tree and pr. the colour and rubbed. The Land light: супесчано-суглинистая. Is Not processed already beside 5-ti years, but here and there and more.
Project "Medyni"
Kaluzhskaya area, Medynskiy region, twitched. Ageevka.
With Kiev station before Maloyaroslavca electric train, hereinafter bus on Kondrovo before sowed;sown Miheevo and 4 km-проселочная road before village Ageevka. Time of the way-beside 4-4,5 hours. Peasant-farming facilities "Varaha", 63 Ga ploughed fields, including 11,6 Ga in quotient of the property. The Possible long-term lease (49 years) with right of the ransom or aquisition on the price 10 000 hack for Ga in property in the event of taking the satisfactory conclusuon by regional Duma, in which is presently discussed question about change the status of the land. The Land (46 ga) very fertile, rest (17 Ga) подзолистая. LEP beside, possible conduct. The Gas no. The Landscape beautiful: болотце, 2 ручейка, in 2 km-river SHanya, wood-mixed (сосново-лиственые) and лесополосы. Gruntovye water at the depth 20 m. Possible designing агро-экопоселения with park, apiary on 150 Ga. In 2х деревеньках beside 20 houses of the aged inhabitants, including дачники.
Project "Clear" (NP)
Kaluzhskaya area, from city YUhnova not far, 200 km from Moscow. There is concrete agreement with leader of the collective farm and at nearest days is cocost meeting with Chapter of the region. The Territory practically are not limited, concrete field, on which lead functioning - beside 300 ga, preliminary price for 1 ga - at a rate of 300 dollars. On two borders of the field текут the creek and stream, as well as passes LEP, road normal, beside - вымирающая village. On distance several kilometers - a national natural park "Acne", with manual which too there are contacts and agreements about cooperation. Moreover, is beside found plantation cedar approximately 30-year age! The Site: Kitezh (not RP) 249650, Kaluzhskaya area, Baryatinskiy region, Kitezh. From Moscow 300 km - a bus on Kirov, Betlicu - through Baryatino. It Is Founded in 1992. as "Nonprofit partnership receiving family" (NPPS "Commune Kitezh") unites six receiving families with thirty детьми, as well as several volunteers and teachers. The Whole us fifty persons, and folk all arrive. The Commune - a conditional indication of our longing to build the life in harmonies with each other and with the world around. On essences, we educational institution, including receiving families, живущие in separate house, the total school, where will teach to parents, became professional teacher, farm, garage, three hundred ga potato flap, minced church, computer centre, english lawns and a great deal another. The Site Kitezha Service to ecological restoration (not RP) Kaluzhskaya area, Tarusskiy р-н, Central basis in 115 km southward from Moscow (beside mergings of the rivers Protva and Oka). Agroekologicheskiy firing range (26 ga) - 30 km from Tarusy, 50 km from central basis. It Is Founded in 1991г.
Will Arouse to clean and restore polluted and spoiled territory. There was is made several attempts of the creation "природовосстанавливающих social systems" - PVSS in miscellaneous region, presently on 26 ga in one of the abandoned collective farm develop their own agricultural and the other technologies. It Is Designed and used rates on training зкопоселенцев. THE Leader/Founder: Vygovskiy Alexander Edvinovich Site SIR:

Smolenskaya area

Staroselie Smolenskaya area, Ugranskiy region, with.Slobodka, d.Staroselie. The Personal а/т - on минскому freeway before Vyazimy, hereinafter road on Znamenku, hereinafter through Slobodku and Klimov Plant, afterwards грунтовая road 13 km, or on Kiev freeway, but afterwards through Kalugu - Medyni - YUhnov before Klimova Plant. The Public transport - with Belorussian station before Vyazimy on train, or bus (with Tushinskoy), hereinafter bus Vyazima - Kaluga departure 9-15 before Slobodki. On foot go 8 km. Aproximately 100 ga. The Land is executed in property of the agricultural co-operative society. The Admission fee from 50 000 (the May) before 80 000 (the June) hack. depending on time of the entering. Hereinafter, the co-operative society undertakes the registration of the land. The Cost of the building does not fall into this amount. Approximately 10-ti family are chosen hectares.
The Mixed wood, abandoned fields, ручейки, terrain холмистая, there is болотца. In two--three kilometers from Staroseliya runs the river an Acne, beside, on territory Kaluzhskoy area, is located national park. Entering in agricultural co-operative society implies the participation of his(its) members in economic program (for instance, on льну). A Part of amount of the admission fee goes on registration of the land. Embedded in economic programs money (the part of admission fee) will give since time profit (at development of the economic programs).
Project "Akatovskoe"
Smolenskaya pledge., around Demidova, 50 km from Smolenska, from Moscow - 350 km not far away from d. The Hill (3 km). From Moscow before Smolenska - a train, electric train etc., from Smolenska regular bus - "Smolensk - Demidovo through marvel". The Bus follows in 15.00 on friday and 19.20 on sunday. The Personal а/т - on Minskomu freeway before Smolenska, hereinafter road on Demidovo. The Price of the land: 1 hack. - 2 hack. for sq. m., ashore lake - 4 hack. The Lands are found in conduct of the rural administration(the бросовые), possible aquisition in private property. There is two variants: 1. The Area 105 Ga (practically 80 Ga - beside 38 areas, but there is where enlarge) is found in 20 km from town centre, but outside the town line; 2. The Abandoned village, but given variant else is only perfected. Duhovskaya eminence. The Lake Akatovskoe and marvel. There was settling scythian (sometime beside Istomino - there городище), not far (50 - 70 km) game reserve Przhzhevaliskogo - 4 lakes, varicoloured water.
The Ranger station - a wood for building. The Step + land of the collective farm.
The Mixed wood, there is stream with spring, the land - a loam. The Road - an asphalt + soil. In village - a hospital, school (11 classes), club. Nalazheny contacts with local administration, is offered functioning physician, teacher, veterinary. Provided that colonizer will work in settle, administration ready to conduct the road before place.
Tverskaya area

Valdayskiy медвежий corner (not RP)
Tverskaya area, Penovskiy region, on northwest from Tveri, at the average current r. ZHukpa. The Taiga wood, meadow, marsh. Regular and suitable transport message no. The Roads проезжие (грунтовка), ground sandy. On territory of the old village several houses in miscellaneous degree destructions (from requiring heavy repair before else being fit on firewood). Live: one family of the scolded inhabitants, three families visitor townsfolk, dwelling constantly and leading facilities. Several families arrives summer to repose. The Initiative group: 3 persons. Assisting in Moscow, Tveri and Kostromskoy area. The Tasks: making the sound life ambience. The Sound relations between people. Reconstitution best tradition общинности. Prirodosberegayuschie, безотходные to technologies of conduct facilities. Not religious, not эзотерическое settling. The Problems: on multiple perspective projects elementary comes short worker of the hands. Wanting be joined follows to calculate basically on own power, and power must be much.
The Initiative group while can give basically information support.
Ecological centre "Okovskiy wood" (not RP) Tverskaya area, Nelidovskiy р-он, п/о Game reserve, экоцентр "Okovskiy wood" Dubrovki (not RP)
Tverskaya pledge., Starickiy р-н. From Moscow in Tveri train or bus with Leningrad station. The Train leaves in 12:16, 17:20, 18:20, but afterwards each half an hour before hour of the nights. If you have fallen into Tveri before 6 evenings, pass 200-300 metres to autostations back. Else hour and a half - and you in Starice.
The Project "House, Farm, Homestead" - a colonization russian глубинки. It Is Founded in 2001. The Tasks: Help itself formulate, what we want and that do. There is house, is solved problem communication, are perfected program mounted and traveling on foot tourism. The friends-neighbours are Required.

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