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The Panoply for bath.

OOO "Petrovoylok" presents the panoply for bath - bath accesories from ecological clean cheese - an sheep's itch. The Products prevent from surplus overheat of the skin, neutralize the poison separations, absorbing big volume влаги under perspiration, remove the electrostatic charges. The Products render medical-sanitary influence on organism of the person under different disease (остеохондрозе, disease supporting-motor, cardiovascular, nervious and pulmonary systems), return embezzled power and health, rejuvenates the organism, enlarges the active long life.

1. Budyonovka
2. Oblachko
3. With light ferry!
4. "Zaplatka"
5. Language
6. Abstraction
7. Dyuymovochka
8. Bath footwear
9. Logotype
10. With ears
11. Mittens and small rug

Any work possible to book, including with logotype of the companies, to wedding, to holiday, to birth day. The Period of the fabrication from one week before one month depending on difficulties. We all do their own handle so and the price beside us tolerant. By gross more cheaply!

We Invite to cooperation all interested persons.


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