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Here information is offered about expedition- excursion in anomalous zones with conductor and obligatory preparation.

Voronezhskaya anomaly.

In "Zone" there is all, as in state... Up to punishment "зайцев" from the other world, penetrating, to example, on stream... The Fantasy!...

Multivariate "Zone"- certain SOLYARIS.

Can communicate with your чакрами, can with essence Distant World or with essence of the Solar System, and with Keeper of the Zone (the type angel), organizes "charging " Generator of the Fine Radiations - GTI and others. the device (on principle magic trap possible? for poor foolish плазмоидов (the type of the mirror)?).


At one time, the person tore only in two. Left - "cruel" - "аггел" to itself, but right - "angel" - to itself. Left was that "плох" that too quickly all have got to know and became to nag with this to all. Even on icon "Whitsunday" Ruble on it nobody looks does not want - "has Got". Finally ruling hand Gentlemen God ( the Archangel Mihail ) шарахнула on left ( so religion beats the magic ), violator has called Lyuciferom and have thrown in pit deep.
But after all otherwise Show came off on the first round. But - "God by our Drama wirles away eternity, itself writes, puts and глядит". Therefore quickly all have gone "as it is necessary!". But poor and foolish then humane расчетверило - "overhand", from temple started to scutch "High", but from below - from "Pits" - twitch "Undermost". (And this else nothing - if you will bring in astrology, that will тягать uzh on 12 different sides "beast of" Zodiac - a karma or 12 "good" боддхисатв - дхарма. Such icon - "Kalachakra" have brought from Tibeta Rerihi). But person "reasonable", west, know does not want no Tibeta, therefore he was before recent time amongst 6 ("whole only"!!) of inconsistent power, else there is "back - onward" - a past (the showers limit) and future (the showers невоплощенных else детей, which is required can influence upon our life) or in other words - a Mistress Death and Mistress Eternity.
It is Difficult to rule such team, not truth my reader? The Feeling, reason, debt, religion - all trotters wild, all should like to carry away for itself.
Only field marshal Kutuzov удостоин was a Triumphal Arch with шестериком of the horses fast, yes hero indian эпоса Ardzhuna (the truth with evident help Krishny) - here is a few successful Ezdoki Will and Devotion. However world presently else усложнился, and here is came to the authorities Lady New, Virgo Redhead As Fire has Taken she dart seventh - from Person, Ivan - a tsarevitch, for frog of the philanderer, yes and долбанула to her azh in most centre of the Land: "Mother of the World does not be afraid the big Play" "Semistrelinica" - an icon steep - with her not buffoons.
And разверзлась the Land, and darted upstairs all to whom not laziness, all who thousand of the years left the torments. Like, the chaos ворвался in life our, but this only test us on toughness, on cleverness, on skill all take and love
And щелочка else small, narrow - not any Dragon пролезет. But while they will gnaw through the moves пошире, there is beside us time be prepared, get acquainted with new "Enemy" (more exactly other best, Strashilischem, floral Scarlet amateur).
For this and are created on the whole Land "Zones Anomalous" - FOR. The Simulators multivariate.
And similars the business man this for a long time, but on essences - Apokatastazis instead of Apocalypse

Several last years to testers - an воронежцы go on its FOR. On cosmic picture is seen big amount of the recirculating structures by size from 100 m before group of ten km and regional and local break of the terrestrial cortex, sometimes leaving before most mantles. Picture multiple "energy" manifestations are received By means of спецтехники in anomalous area - a luminous balls and облака, светостолбы, manlike formation and UFO.
The Special interest presents the photo upstairs, where it is enough is clearly examined certain " universal structure of" world, this alive "колобох"
Much given are received on overland part FOR: specialization separate area on quality of the energy and менталитету, relationship and co-ordination between them, system of the observation, protection of the Experiment (the schemes ), quasitechnical device. The Explored structure and track record of the underground part FOR: deep and superdeep channels of the output духоматерии on surface, processes of the interaction инферно and elevated stratum, relationship with geophisical cataclysm and эволюционными by transformations on planet, трансмутационное пахтание in subway - a transition and a great deal another
For гармонизации of the field structures in process of the virtual Contact and quick reaction in exceeding situation are created and tested Generators of the Fine Radiations - " Venec", "Bipyramid", "Chalice".
Nalazhennyy "dialogue between the world" has relieved performing the project of the generator 220 in 50гц 2,4 KVT - for feeding the home electrical accessory - on principle of the transmutations by fine flap.
But if all much simplify, that wholly obviously - on the Land Voronezhskoy was settled the most present лемовский Solyaris, обустроился, unfolded the proving ground And waits. Does Not hurry. He-that eternal. But us possible it is necessary to submake a fuss? After all if all exactly so, that what nonsence we concern with, when literally under nose (not in Bermudskom or Permskom triangle, not on Brodvee) - such!!
Shorter. The Command of the Testers begins preparation to its heel of the expeditions. We shall Produce the selection several volunteers, a part - for сталкинга in field condition in zone of the contact, a part - for scientific processing several томов got result. The Main criterion of the selection - a steel muscles and iron nerves
Will Yes help us Virgo Prakriti - a Landlady Voronezsh and Zones!
Boris Krivulin.

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