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Kozyli are Arkhangelsk gingerbreads, which period of storage 1 year! They are made under the most ancient recipe with very complicated technology. Earlier merchants took them in long voyages - traded also fur-trees. Thus all used products natural: the structure includes cinnamon and a carnation (these are natural preservatives), and as dyes beet, a bilberry etc were used.

Further the gallery of works of different authors is submitted. Any works can be ordered, including with names, with congratulations, on a trade mark of the company, to wedding, to a holiday, to birthday. Term of manufacturing from one week about one month depending on complexity. All of us do(make) with the handles, therefore and the prices at us tolerant. Write:

1. Herringbones and hearts 2. Happy birthday 3. Hearts
4. Herringbones 5. Gingerbread with logotype 6. Gingerbreads
7. To wedding 8. Cat 9. Cock
10. Sawhorse 11. Butterfly 12. Firebird
13. Herringbone small
14. House
15. Fir tree big

The North gingerbreads - an kozyli.

If You under new year will fall into one of our north city, for instance, in Archangelsk then on each step You will get strangely beautiful gingerbreads, are identified they kozyli. Kozylinic (masters fabrications kozyli) plenty of, and beside each its manner painting, as beside persisting artists, and its recipe, sent from generation in generation.
So formed that keeper russian tradition has emerged mans of north. The History these gingerbread is already lost, but ed the legends. Here is one of them.
After russian seafarers have brought on Rusi cinnamon and carnation, masters, having heard about their characteristic long to save the products, become cooking gingerbreads of long keeping. In one kilogram common test of gingerbreads is added spoon of cinnamon and spoon of the carnation, then gingerbreads is kept not less 6 months, but if test to give be persisted, but gingerbreads drying, that and 5 years will lie, only sugar glaze to shower, but here is taste nearly will not change! Endorse these gingerbreads manually. Earlier as dye staffs used juice of the whortleberry, carrot, beets and others But presently use the food dye staffs for cake. Traditionally sliced, basically, figures of animal (the totems). But later name "
kozyli" started to explain so: Sawhorse - a symbol wealth. Any families can afford the contents of the nanny goat (the milk gives all:-), but here is sawhorse was one on the whole village. In russian, the sawhorse sounds as kozyl.
The Sailors took the
kozyli in distant sails - traded them and ated. Kept the gingerbreads in tightly closed basket.
Before appearance on Light brown cinnamon and carnations these gingerbreads too existed, but as preservative were used herbs, rising beside us. The Recipe these gingerbread is lost.
We are a stove these gingerbreads whole family: ma, grandmother, daughter and son. In section "baby creative activity" you may find the photographies a gingerbread entered childrens. We even give award from pavilion "Culture of" All-russian exhibition centre as household workshop "Pryanichnye fantasies" for participation in All-russian thematic exhibition "Our children - a future Russia". But recipe beside us too household. If you cooked several kilograms gingerbread-
kozyli, that and you will have its "secret" recipe. I did not yet try the alike gingerbread beside different kozylinic!



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