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The Old house.

2 variants of the accomodation: Old house - a price - 10 USD/day. The Toilet on street. Summer possible accomodation on verandah - a price 10 USD/day.

In winter possible accomodation in more old house:

The Main problems: забитые on winter window, heating by means of russian stove, the whole 4 berths, toilet on street.

3 variants of the accomodation: Lofts (summer) - a price - 10 USD/day. The Toilet on street.

Rite венчания

Near by village is located Church Vozdvizheniya CHestnago and ZHivotvoryaschago Cross Gospodnya was built in 1800г. instead of old wooden church power parishioner peasant, local squire and trade-industrial people. The Building of the temple originally consisted of crowned fivechapters twolights quadruple with semicircular apse, extensive meal, where on ancient custom could take seats for tables all parishioner, and six tiers of bells, which height forms 42 m. before foot crowning its cross. Warm pridel - south into the name of saint apostle and evangelist Ioanna Theologian and north - into the name of saint great martyr Dimitriya Solunskogo Mirotochivogo are built later, in 1865., on place meal. In 1884. the church area was served white stone with artistic metallic lattice by railing, on north and south side it is built threestairwells gates.

The Chapel into the name of saint goodfaith of the Grand duke Alexander Nevsky on south-west corner is built in 1883-1884 In 30-e NKVD ordered her in one's own way: in chapel have made the prison cell for concluded, built Ivanikovskoe watervault. In 1996. the chapel was restore zeal of the slave God's SHelyapina YUriya Efimovicha and spouses his Oligi Rostislavovny , what the memorable board states. The Wall revived chapels have decorated the mosaic - itsimage triptych, in central part which is expressed Crucifixion, in left - an image Georgiya Pobedonosca, but in right - an image saint goodfaith prince Alexander Nevsky. Hotel "Dafna" is seen Through gates.


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