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The Excursions.

We Conduct to excursions and экскурсионные program on Konakovskomu region and g. Konakovo with visit famous Konakovskogo delftware plant, (in 19 ages - Kuznecovskiy delftware plant), the most old in Russia of the felt factory, farms on fish sturgeon breeding, Orshansko-Petrovskih lake (the amazing excursion! In system centre lake, the rivers and channel, surrounded impenetrable marsh You wait meeting with tradition, culture and coloring of the inhabitants two староверческих derhubarb).


Konakovskiy delftware plant and Konakovskaya GRES.

Pos. Ploski - local Venice.

In village Karacharovo possible to drink adviseable mineral water "Karacharovskaya". On photo remarkable cafe in the manner of russian tower in old russian mansions.


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