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1 variant of the accomodation: **** hotel "Dafna" before 40 guests. In calve 14 comfortable one- and two-room number raised comfort: 6 standard numbers, 6 halflux, 2 luxaries - "Dafna" and "Apollo". In number there is all necessities for the most strict client: balcony, separate bathroom room (with bath or shower), conditioner, telephone, mini-safe, refrigerator, mini-bar, satellite television. Expensive furniture, made-to-order, and stylish registration number will do the residence in our calve pleasing and comfort.


October - June July - September
Numbers week-day rest day week-day rest day
The Standard 1 man 90 110 110 130
Standard 2 mans 110 130 130 150
Halflux 1 man 100 120 120 140
Halflux 2 mans 120 140 140 160
The Luxary 1 man 160 180 175 195
The Luxary 2 man 180 200 195 215
Additional bed 30 30 40 40

*In cost of the number is included: morning meal (the swedish table), protected autostop, billiards, nursery room, beach.
**The Additional bed: children before 3-h years - gratis, from 3-h before 12 years - is given discount - 50%.
***Output: saturday, sunday, festive days on russian legislation, as well as friday and beforefestive days since 18.00.
****The Accounting hour - 14.00. At residence less day charge is levied for full day. Under leave during 6-ti hours after accounting hour charge is levied for half of the day, over 6-ti hours - for full day.
*****The Animals can be place in special premises outside of calve.
******Return the passes more then for 7 day before date arrive - remains 10% cost of the pass, for 3-7 day - 30%, for 1-3 day - 50%, for 1 day return the passes does not be taken.

The Restaurant and bar work night and day.
In week-day since 12.00 before 16.00 lanch - 65 USD.
In rest day since 12.00 before 16.00 branch - 100 USD.

All condition are created In calve as for amateurs of the silence and rest, so and for amateurs to repose actively. Here is far from full list of the services which our guests can use:

The Billiards - gratis anytime.
The Library calve.
Sauna with enormous baptismal font and room of the rest anytime.
The Own beach ashore Volga near by hotel.

The Motor motorboat, hydrocycles, oars of the boat on own pier calve.
sailboats, serfing.
The Deltaplane.
The Trapshooting, paintbol.
The Organization picnic on nature.
The Atheletic complex with simulator common-room, pool, salon of massage (on territory of the complex of the rest "Zavidovo").
The Tennis courts, table tennis, basketball, volleyball of the platform (on territory of the complex of the rest "Zavidovo").
The Disco (on territory of the complex of the rest "Zavidovo").
Sovereign go; drive on territory riding complex "Alifares" Riding walks on vicinity on horse riding complex "Alifares" Participation in riding competition Cup Zavidovo" (on territory riding complex "Alifares").
The Hunt and fish fishing in hunt facilities Konakovskogo region.
Renting varied atheletic and tourist stock.
Riding on sleigh, ski, snowmobile.
Ekskursionnye walks on motorboat on Ivanikovskomu watervault and Moscow epidemic deathes.
The Excursions and excursion program on Konakovskomu region and g. Konakovo with visit famous Konakovskogo delftware plant, (in 19 ages - Kuznecovskiy delftware plant), the most old in Russia of the felt factory, farms on fish sturgeon breeding, Orshansko-Petrovskih lake (the amazing excursion! In system centre lake, the rivers and channel, surrounded impenetrable marsh You wait meeting with tradition, culture and coloring of the inhabitants two agingfaith derhubarb). In detail...


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